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How to Add a Link to an Instagram Post

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Instagram is one of the largest social media apps, sporting almost 1.5 billion users. Given the amount of traffic the app sees daily, it would seem likely that Instagram users would be able to easily add links to their Instagram posts.

As you can see, users’ opportunities to add a link to an Instagram post are not great.

It is unlikely most users will take the time to type out third-party websites from your Instagram caption, even if you have used a URL shortener to simplify the process.

And although many users have been asking for the ability to add links, Instagram has stated that they do not want their platform to become overrun by spam links.

There are many reasons to allow users to add links, especially for small businesses. They could more easily create shoppable posts, as Instagram story ads have limited value due to the time limit on stories, and increase visibility and reach for their brand.

Maybe in the future, they will add more link services for Instagram posts, but for the time being, we will have to settle for sharing links the old-fashioned way.

So, make the most out of your one link in your profile bio because that’s about the best you’ll get.