add your tiktok link to your instagram bio

How to Add Your TikTok Link to Your Instagram Bio

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Connecting your socials is a great way to increase your followers. If you had your first fans on Instagram, but you're now thinking of expanding into TikTok, putting a clickable link on your bio is the best way to do that. Followers who love your IG content will also be curious to check your other socials. And the easiest way to redirect your followers to TikTok is by pasting a clickable link to your TikTok profile on Instagram.

The link in bio feature on Instagram is extremely helpful in growing your influence and business. If you just recently made a TikTok account and want your followers on Instagram to know about it, put your TikTok profile’s link on your bio so people can easily visit it whenever.

But, if you want to add another link besides the one to your TikTok profile, the best way to do so is by using third-party micro landing page tools like Linktree. It helps you organize all your links, so you won’t have to sacrifice one social media platform for another. You can even put your TikTok business account instead of your personal one, as well as other accounts you manage on various platforms.