fix comment failed to post on youtube

How to Fix “Comment Failed to Post” on YouTube

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Don't you just hate that after typing the perfect comment and pressing "enter," YouTube won't just cooperate and instead sends your text into oblivion? Unfortunately, social media giants like YouTube aren't immune to such glitches. Once in a while, someone will encounter this error message on YouTube: "Comment failed to post." And sometimes, it could be you.

Many conversations happen on YouTube every day, as it’s still arguably the most popular video sharing platform. It can be a bummer when you suddenly can’t comment anymore. Or, if you’re not the type to join in discussions and just want to commend a creator for doing a fantastic job with his video, it’s such a waste not to let them know that you appreciate their work.

Hopefully, any of the abovementioned methods helped you in resolving this error on YouTube. Feel free to save this guide as a reference in case you or someone you know encounter a similar error in the future.