How to Fix a Muted Video on TikTok

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TikTok hosts millions of short-form videos of all kinds, from dance, skits, to tutorial videos. Part of the reason why the platform is so popular is how people can utilize both video and music to create a wildly entertaining piece of content. However, there are instances that you may encounter a TikTok video with no sound at all. And a muted TikTok video, honestly and understandably so, isn't fun to watch.

TikTok is an amazing app that lets you create and share videos of all sorts with your followers. But TikTok videos without audio can be quite boring. People may just skip over your to watch the next one even if you have good content. TikTok will mute your sounds if it finds you’re using copyrighted audio. You can easily fix it by editing the sound and re-uploading the video.