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How to Fix “Not Eligible” on Tiktok

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Do you get an error message saying that you are not eligible when you create an account with TikTok? Do you know what the problem is?" Do not worry. It is not really a problem, but there are some reasons you might be getting that eligible error on TikTok. So read on to know how you can fix not being eligible when creating an account on the TikTok app.

If you are not eligible for TikTok’s age limit, there is nothing to worry about because you will join the app in a few years. But if you want access to TikTok or want an account on the TikTik app right now then download TikTok for android, iPhone, or IOS, make sure that your current age matches the app’s requirements. You can also follow the aforementioned methods to fix “Not Eligible” error on TikTok. Thanks for reading our article.