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How to Get a Crown on Tiktok

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Have you noticed other users with crowns on their TikTok profile picture? Are you wondering how to get a crown yourself? Crowns have been appearing on top of people's profile pictures and profiles recently. A gold crown surrounds the TikTok users' profile picture a gold tiara with red and blue jewels and purple waves. But how can you get one for yourself?

This guide will explain the process of how to get a crown on TikTok.

What Are TikTok Crowns?

Crowns are a new feature that has been appearing on Tik Tok. The crown indicates that the user has used the new Magic Animation effect, which is now available on the platform. The result is comparable to a popular cartoonify filter, which enlarges your features and makes you resemble a Disney movie character. The simplest approach to add a crown effect to your own profile photo is to use the magic animation filter.

Getting a crown added to your TikTok profile picture will make it more visible and attractive to other users, and it will also show that you’re an experienced user of the app.

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How to Get a TikTok Crown on Your Profile

To get a TikTok crown on your profile, you first need to be verified. This is a verified badge that indicates that your account is authentic and belongs to you. Only the most notable users, such as celebrities or popular content creators, can get one.

You must have a large following and high-quality content to be verified. If you don’t have a large following, you can get verified by reaching out to TikTok. They may verify to you if your content is high quality and widely shared.

If you’re not a verified user, you can still get a crown on your profile using the Magic Animation effect. Follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1:

    Open TikTok app, start creating a video on TikTok, tap the ”+” button.

  2. Step 2:

    To the left of the camera button, tap ”effects.”

  3. Step 3:

    Click the symbol that resembles a face on an orange sparkly background (see figure below).

    Orange sparkly background
  4. Step 4:

    Make a video with this effect. It just needs to be a few seconds long.

  5. Step 5:

    Post the new video. Your profile photo will now have a crown.

If you want to take the crown off, just follow steps 1-4 and tap the ”x” button instead of posting the video.

This new feature is growing in popularity on the app. Getting a TikTok crown using the said TikTok filters will make your profile more visible and attractive to other users, and it will also show that you’re an experienced user of the app. So, go ahead and try out the Magic Animation effect today!

Now you know how to get a crown on your TikTok profile pictures. Follow the steps above, and you’ll be able to add this new and exclusive badge to your profile photo in no time!

TikTok users can get a crown on TikTok profile picture by using the filter or being verified. If you’re verified, you’ll be given a crown immediately. If your account is not yet verified, don’t worry! You can still add a crown to your profile through magic animation filter and by following the above steps. Now, get started creating beautiful videos with TikTok!