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How to Get Verified on Twitter

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Want to know how to get the little blue badge next to your name? This post will briefly explain what it means to be verified on Twitter, who can be verified, and how to go about it. We even give you a few strategies that will help you get closer to the status.

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What Does Verified on Twitter Mean?

When an account on Twitter has been verified, it will be given a blue badge with a white checkmark. This small icon informs other Twitter users that the account belongs to the person or brand it claims, instead of a fan or fake account. This prevents people from being scammed or identity theft or defamation.

These accounts have all been vetted by Twitter by proving to the platform that they are who they say they are. The badge will always appear next to the name on the account. Placement anywhere else is forged and doesn’t prove that the account is real. Account verification isn’t the same as being endorsed by Twitter. 

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Requirements to Get Verified on Twitter

In order to become verified on Twitter, your account must be considered a “public interest” account, meaning that you need to be notable or known in your field. Twitter states that these people generally come from the users in the following fields: acting, music, politics, religion, media, sports, business, fashion, journalism, top influencers, and anything else that interests a vast following. 

You must also have an account in good standing and your profile must be fully filled out. 

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How to Get Verified on Twitter

To get verified on Twitter, you must complete the following:

  1. Step 1

    Completely fill out your Twitter bio and upload a cover photo, profile picture, or logo. You must also choose a Twitter name. You will also need to add your birthday and set your Tweets to “public.”

  2. Step 2

    Confirm your email address and verify your phone number. 

  3. Step 3

    Fill out the verification form on Twitter. You may need to provide a photo of your passport or driver’s license. You will also need to add two links from publications, profiles, events, or other notable places online that you are mentioned. 

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Ways to Increase Your Chances of Becoming Verified on Twitter

Unless you are someone considered a household name, Twitter may not automatically verify you even when you apply. There are a few things you can do, however, to help tip the scale in your favor and increase your chances of getting the desired blue badge next to your account name. 

Here are a few ways:

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    Brand Information

    Post specific information about your brand and your purpose in your Twitch bio. Link to your website or publications that mention you. 

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    Actively Post

    Actively post on Twitter for at least 2 weeks before applying for verification. Continue to remain active until you are verified. 

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    When applying for verification, explain what you plan to bring to the Twitter community and how you will benefit the platform as a whole. 

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    If you are closely connected to other verified people or brands, mention it in your application and shout out to them in your Twitter bio. 

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    Mention your occupation or title in your bio, especially if you are the founder of a company or are notable in an international business. 

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    Niche Authority

    Tweet about information important to your field. Add pictures relevant to your job description or your claim to fame. 

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Benefits to Verifying Your Twitter Account

Receiving the coveted verification badge on your account will give you the following benefits:

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    Your fans and followers will know that it is your account and they will respond to you accordingly. 

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    MOre Influence

    As people reply to your tweets or repost them, your influence will grow as others become aware of you and follow your account, leading to even more growth. 

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    Verification Badge

    The badge is more verification to other social platforms or companies that you are a person of note. People are more likely to work with you or take you at your word. 


Becoming a verified Twitter user will give you both bragging rights and more influence toward your personal brand overall. People will see your account as valuable and be more likely to follow you if they are interested in your niche. Don’t worry if you aren’t verified right away. You can apply again in 30 days, though you may want to wait a bit longer until you see more growth.