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Hootsuite VS Sprinklr

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Hootsuite and Sprinklr are two of the most highly rated software used in managing social media. However, these two couldn't be any more different: Hootsuite is more focused on social media marketing as well as publishing and scheduling posts in advance. On the other hand, Sprinklr is a SaaS geared towards improving, monitoring, and managing customer experience as a whole.

Social media has undoubtedly reshaped our world. To manage these new avenues of communication and connection, SaaS like Hootsuite and Sprinklr have stepped up. Both offer good features and both can be very useful for influencers.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose either one of the two software to make managing social channels more seamless.

We hoped that our post helped you know what each software offers, so you can choose the best tool for you.