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17 Ways Guys Make Money on Onlyfans

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On Onlyfans, you're selling things the old school way: by talent and personality. Fans pay money to see exclusive content that they can't get anywhere else. But you're not just selling a product, you're selling yourself. While most of the content creators on the platform are female there is still a strong demand for male performers.

These models can act solo or as part of a couple and make a lot of money depending on the niche you and the amount of effort put into marketing activities. While it is unclear exactly how many of Onlyfans users are female it is worth noting that there is also a sizable demographic of gay and bisexual men on the platform who are also willing to subscribe and purchase content.

So first off, how much do male OnlyFans content creators make?

The average man on Onlyfans who takes and uploads photos and videos regularly makes $80 per month. While this is seemingly low it is caused by the fact that the vast majority of male content creators put no effort into marketing, promotion, or long-term brand building. Top male models on the platform have been known to make $100,000 per month so the potential is there for those willing to put in the hard work.

Unless you have a substantial following on other social media platforms the likelihood of you being an overnight success is near impossible. The only men to achieve an instant following are those that are already celebrities with an active fan base.

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How to Make Money on Onlyfans as a Guy

To get started on Onlyfans, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Step 1: Pick a Niche

    Before you start uploading anything onto your profile its is vital you decide what content you want to produce. While you can test the waters with multiple different types the more clear you are on your long-term goals the easier it will be to devise an effective strategy.

  2. Step 2: Follow Other Content Creators

    The best way to figure out what type of material you want to produce is to copy the process of other popular performers. Pay attention to how often they upload and what material gets the best reaction from their audience.

  3. Step 3: Sign Up

    To sign up to Onlyfans as a creator you will need to produce some identification and also banking details for future deposits. The whole process is relatively straightforward although you may be asked to take a live photo as part of the verification. This is to make it substantially more difficult for fake accounts to get onto the platform.

 So with the basics out of the way what exactly are the most effective strategies to make money?

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Ways Men Make Money on Onlyfans

  1. 1. Make Two Onlyfans Accounts

    Making a free-to-view account is an effective way to drive traffic to your premium offerings. The vast majority of top creators have more than one account for this very reason. You can build far quicker with a free account by removing the financial commitment required to sub. On the free account release teasers primarily in the form of seductive images or super short clips under 10 seconds. That way you can make a clear call to action to see the full-length offering of exclusive content on your main account.

  2. 2. Promote on Instagram

    Instagram is a very visual medium so there is a huge overlap with the target audience that enjoys Onlyfans. A shameless approach to advertising where you continuously drop your Onlyfans link in your captions is an effective way to push traffic to your money-making content. Instagram is free but it also has very strict rules surrounding adult content and sex workers. For this reason, Onlyfans has grown into the number one marketplace for explicit content. As a general rule, about 1-2% of your overall Instagram followers will convert into Onlyfans subs. 

  3. 3. Reply to Direct Messages

    Direct messages are one of the easiest ways to make money on OnlyFans because they require little to no effort. Many top models say that up to one-third of their over revenue comes from tips secured over direct message. It doesn’t matter how big or small your fan base is, most users love chatting with a performer they follow! Don’t be afraid to reach out first and start the conversation by sharing a photo or even just asking a question like “how was your day?”

  4. 4. Reward Big Tippers

    One of the biggest reasons why people tip others online is because they want to show their appreciation and get noticed for it. When you have a large following there’s always going to be a few people who react to and purchase every single thing you post. These types of followers are called super tippers. The support of a super tipper will earn you more than regular customers and are also more likely to be loyal due to the investment they have made to your brand. There are many strategies you can implement to increase your chances of receiving a tip including: posting photos of things you would never normally show off, using emojis instead of text when sending direct messages, or offering free gifts/services, etc.

  5. 5. Share Free Photos on Reddit

    Reddit is another great place to advertise because it’s highly targeted towards male audiences who enjoy porn. It’s not uncommon for users to share links to Onlyfans pages within comments sections. If you post regularly then you should expect around 2-5% of your posts to generate new subscribers.

  6. 6. Advertise on Facebook and Twitter

    Most male Onlyfans members still fail to advertise properly. The key is to use multiple social media channels and not be afraid to promote to people you know personally. More often than not they will be the most supportive in the early stages of your time on the platform. While you can’t advertise with links directly to adult content you can direct the traffic to your Instagram account or a website landing page. Purchasing ads directly may cost you money but if your content is good it can snowball your earning potential.

  7. 7. Vlog on YouTube

    YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. By creating a video blog you can give users insight into everyday life and also funnel it to your Onlyfans. On Youtube, there is also the chance that something you produce goes viral and if your channel builds organically you could potentially earn thousands of dollars per month. There are many ways to drive views to your Onlyfans channel including paid promotion, influencer marketing, etc. But ultimately the key to success here lies in producing high-quality content.

  8. 8. Create Your Own Website

    If you are relatively tech-savvy, building a  website can be done in a few hours. You can promote your Onlyfans by creating a landing page and load it with affiliate links to products you sell. Many top performers use a personal website to sell physical products to their audience. In addition to this, you can offer subscription discounts or special bonuses to those signing up via your website.

  9. 9. Join the Community of OnlyFans Content Creators

    There are hundreds of Reddit groups and Facebook pages dedicated to supporting. Joining these groups allows you to build relationships with other members and get access to information that may lead to future business opportunities. The best part is that most communities allow you to create your own subforum where you can market yourself and Onlyfans. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your brand and start earning passive income from your fans.

  10. 10. Sell Merchandise

    Selling merchandise is a great way to increase the profits of your Onlyfans side hustle. Most sites such as Teespring and Redbubble let you upload images and descriptions onto shirts or mugs. Once someone purchases your merchandise you receive payment directly deposited into your bank account. Some sellers even choose to keep some percentage of each sale to cover costs. Alongside conventional merchandise, there is also a growing demand of fans who want to buy clothing items you have worn. While this is by no means for everyone it is an option that could set you apart from the competition.

  11. 11. Take Secret Photos

    Next time you do a photoshoot take a few extra to use as secret rewards for your audience. Fans love something exclusive so having some material up your sleeve to drop as a cheeky direct message or give out as an unseen reward can really help build a connection with your fans. It is important not to share these images on a different content subscription service or on other social media sites. If the type of content you are sharing labeled as unique is found out to be a lie it will negatively impact your relationship with fans. They might even unsubscribe or leave a negative review.

  12. 12. Release Content Daily

    How often you release new content is of vital importance when showing your value as a creator. Users want value from their sub and this is the main reason most successful performers mention how often they post in their Onlyfans bio. Based on an in-depth analysis of these accounts we can determine that at a minimum you want to be posting at least once per day. If fans come to expect a daily post they will also be pleasantly surprised if you drop an extra one.

  13. 13. Make Longer Videos

    Long videos tend to perform better than short ones and also set you apart from other creators making lazy content. Viewers want to watch longer clips when they are paying for them because you are offering more value for their money. So if you’re looking to grow your subscriber count then focus on making long-form video content. You should aim to create around 10 minutes worth of high-quality content per week. Remember to include captions and descriptions within your posts too.

  14. 14. Follow Fans on Social Platforms

    The best way to make sure you build loyalty with your top fans is to follow them on platforms like Instagram. This makes them feel special and means and creates a deeper connection with them. This can also help you promote as these users will also be more likely to share your post on other platforms or retweet if you follow them. This is more of a grassroots approach to getting more subscribers but it does work well.

  15. 15. Create Content with Other Performers

    If you’re trying to gain exposure through creating content with other performers then you need to ensure you do so correctly. It doesn’t matter what kind of content you produce together but you must both agree on the terms before starting work. For example, if you decide to collaborate on a photoshoot then you’ll need to pay each performer separately. Also, don’t forget to tag all involved parties in the image caption. This helps cross-promotion and increases engagement.

  16. 16. Get Paid for Reviews

    Getting paid for reviews has become an increasingly popular trend on the platform in recent months. Many people, males specifically, will pay large amounts to have their own adult content reviewed by an Onlyfans creator. While this is obviously not for everyone and does involve receiving nudes it can be a very effective way to build revenue. It can also help generate further tips in paid direct messages.

  17. 17. Be Descriptive With Your Captions

    There’s no doubt that being descriptive with your captions is one of the easiest ways to increase your earnings. If you’ve got great photos and videos then you also need to sell them with detail that intrigues your fanbase. Remember to keep things simple and avoid over-complicated language. Keep it easy to understand and don’t be afraid to throw in a few emojis. Also if possible try to add some humor into your captions. People love seeing funny stuff!

There’s no doubt that being able to earn money on Onlyfans as a male is possible. However, there are some things you need to consider first before jumping into any type of income-generating venture. If you aren’t careful you could end up losing money and wasting a lot of time. There are plenty of ways to get started though and I hope my list above gives you something to think about. Good luck!