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How to Blow Up on Tiktok – 10 Best Ways to Go Viral

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The best way to blow up on TikTok is by trying new things to find what works best and uploading content that your followers will enjoy. If you want the most views possible, upload a video that follows a popular trend and use filters and effects to make videos look cool. You can also win points with viewers by posting about topics they care about like lip-syncing, dancing, celebrities gossip, school life, music festivals, and more.

This post will cover how you can blow up and glow up on TikTok, giving you the chance of one of your videos going viral.

1. Have a Catchy Name

To start off, be memorable with your name. It’s more difficult to get Tiktok famous if no one remembers who you are. You want people who come across your videos to think “who is this person?”. With a catchy username, anyone will recognize it once they come across it again.

2. Watch a lot of Trending Tiktoks

Watching other TikTok users’ videos is a good idea. You will learn from what they do and how they do it. Then you can copy them and be successful too. Pick up on patterns that people like and utilize the elements in your own videos. Replicating popular TikToks is a great first step when you are first starting out on the platform.

There are tons of other users on Tiktok, but only some will become super successful! So, what makes them different? You should be examining their content and figuring out what makes them so entertaining.

Nowadays there are plenty of tools available to help you grow your channel, including TikTok Insights (featuring data like top songs) or Musically Me (a tool that allows users to find like-minded creators).

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3. Replicate Popular Tiktok Videos

If you want to become super popular on TikTok, replicate popular videos and then try adding a personal twist to it.

You can also create “react” videos, or record yourself watching other people’s videos and reacting in real-time. Just search for your favorite song and watch the related results – there will likely be several reaction-type videos of people watching it and showing their reactions. That is an easy way to get views quickly! If your reaction video gets attention from top users with large audiences, they will often watch your content too, giving you even more exposure.

Another important component in the recipe for TikTok success is to simply implement basic video ideas. Accessible trends have a larger reach than specialized subjects, for obvious reasons. It’s simpler for your videos to spread if it’s entertaining and on a topic, viewers are familiar with.

Creating lip-sync music video tutorials is also very successful on Tiktok because for a long time that was what the platform was known for. To this day they are still a reliable way to blow up your views, especially if you are new to Tiktok.

4. Make Sure People Watch Your Videos Until the End

If you learn one thing from this article, it should be that completion rate is the most important factor in the TikTok algorithm. You should make videos where people continue watching until the end. Even better, if they watch your video more than once, then we will like it more.

It’s straightforward: the more time someone spends watching your video, the more people TikTok will feature it. It’s one of the keys to getting on more people’s For You page. This implies that you want people to watch your entire video. The goal is to entice them in with a hook at the start of the video and keep them there to see the conclusion.

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Why do you think recipe and instructional videos receive so many hits? Or, in other words, why are there so many video series with titles like “How to Make a Homemade Ice Cream Cones” or “How to Make Chocolate Waffles”? Anything that piques the interest of the audience will have a significant influence on increasing viewership.

5. Choose the Right Music

Your video is only as good as your soundtrack. You need to choose a song that is popular so people recognize it and want to watch it. However, you also have to be smart about what kind of music you pick. For example, if you post-dubstep on TikTok then your video will get lost in the sea of similar videos which makes it more difficult for people to find your content. If possible try adding some lyrics throughout the video so it’s easier for people to follow along.

It is critical to nail the sound clip by choosing the right song. The 15-second portion that plays during the TikTok is what generates makes it appealing and increases your chance of it going viral. The majority of TikTok videos have a duration of 10-15 seconds, so you need to pick the right part of the song. Generally, this will be the chorus but if there is an interesting or funny verse this can also work super well.

6. Stick to a Theme

This is pretty self-explanatory, but you should probably stick to one theme. If you’ve ever seen a popular TikTok personality, they all have their own specific thing that they do, like an act or character. Stick with one so you can build up your following.

If you want your video to blow up you need to figure out what kind of content will make others go wild. Will it be funny videos of animals doing dumb stuff? Or beautiful makeup tutorials? Maybe videos of food being made are more your speed.

Once you blow up on TikTok you need to make sure that people stay interested! You can’t become famous overnight and then disappear within three weeks!

7. Use Hashtags

A hashtag is a word or phrase with the symbol # in front of it. Using them effectively will help you find the right people to watch your videos on TikTok.

When you use a hashtag, TikTok will display your video to individuals who have previously engaged with other videos using the same hashtag. This is an ideal audience for you to target because they’ll be far more likely to interact with your film than if you used a broad term like “viral video.”

When relevant, you should also include trending hashtags in your video’s description, as these will expand your reach to the most active users on TikTok at that time.

Selecting Hashtags To Target Your Niche:

For example, if your video is about cats and you utilize the hashtag #CatsOfTikTok, the algorithm will show it to people who have already watched, liked, or shared videos with that hashtag.

8. Create A Dance Video

If you want to blow up on Tiktok then make sure to recreate viral dance challenges! They’re easy for everyone to emulate and the audience loves them! People will feel obligated to like and follow your channel because they understand how much work the videos take. These dance Tiktoks are really simple and usually become instant hits because the recipe is already proven successful which makes them even easier to replicate!

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One of the best ways to draw people in is by making them laugh. People aren’t just looking for pretty girls- they want someone that can crack a joke! Make jokes about what’s happening in the song, or be self-referential when discussing your dancing ability.

9. Network with Other Ticktokers

In order for your video to blow up on TikTok, you need the right friends. If you have a large following on another social media platform then it will be much easier to spread this video. For example, if you have 15,000 followers on Instagram then it’s going to be easier to advertise your Tiktoks.

If you don’t already have a social following you could simply ask people to check out your page and subscribe so it’s more visible to other users. Commenting “please watch” underneath viral dance Tiltoks is also a great way to get noticed because people want their own network of friends who help each other get views.

10. Be Consistent With Your Content

If you want your Tiktoks to go viral then you need to consistently post. This means releasing at least three videos a week but ideally a video per day. People like knowing when to expect so it’s beneficial if they can anticipate your uploads.

Make sure your videos are fast and easy to edit. You can generate more ideas by taking short 15-second snippets of songs or clips from viral videos. These are proven successful so it’s understandable why people want to emulate them.

Also make sure they flow well together because if not, viewers will become confused and switch off within seconds. Make each video unique but also similar enough to the last one so people keep watching!

While there is no way you can guarantee a blow-up on TikTok, continually making quality content that is fresh and in line with the current community trends is a good way to get traction. Create a hook at the beginning of the video that entices people to stay to the end. If you get enough interaction, you may find yourself with thousands of new followers overnight.