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How to Choose an Instagram Niche

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The most successful Instagram accounts always have a niche or theme they constantly post about. For example, Corey B does pranks, Viva La Dirt League makes videos on video game reality, Zac George does dog training, Dude Dad does comedic videos on home life and remodeling, etc.

Having a niche for your Instagram not only provides you with a focus to help you come up with quality content, but it also helps keep your followers engaged and interested for more.

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Should You Have a Niche on Instagram?

Yes! If you are trying to build a following on Instagram, it is important to develop a particular niche so your followers know who you are and/or what you are all about. Having a niche will not only help potential followers find you, but it will also help keep your current followers engaged with you.

Having a niche also makes coming up with content easier because it helps narrow your focus on just a couple topics instead of all your interests that may be swimming around in your mind. Furthermore, it allows you to create better quality content as you can focus all your resources and investment within just one or two interests.

Answering DMs and comments are also easier with fewer niches. It helps keep the conversations more focused and the questions easier to address.

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Tips to Narrowing Down Your Insta Niche

Finding your niche can feel a bit overwhelming especially if you have a lot of interests and find yourself posting about a little bit of everything.

  1. 1. Write Down Your Interests

    Think about all of your interests and/or what you are passionate about and make a list. It could be comedy, health, beauty, travelling, dog-training, gardening, politics, essential oils, video games, etc.

  2. 2. Narrow Your Interests Down to Things You May Want to Post

    Do you find yourself already posting some of your interests more than others? For your interests that you really don’t post about that often and you can’t see yourself posting about them more regularly, go ahead and cross them off the list.

  3. 3. Look at What Others Are Doing and See If You Can Improve

    After you’ve narrowed down your interests, look up some successful Instagram accounts for each category and see what they are doing.

    Compare what you are doing with each of your interests with the other accounts and see if there are any categories that are up to standard or if there are any you can improve. If not, whether you are lacking resources or really don’t have the time, motivation, or willingness to invest in a particular interest, go ahead and cross it off your list.

  4. 4. Examine Your Instagram Page and Find Out Which Topics Your Current Followers are Mostly Engaging You With

    If you are already receiving a lot of messages, comments, or likes about some of your interests, it may be a good idea to strongly consider one of those as your niche. Remember your niche not only needs to be something you enjoy doing, but something your audience is also interested in.

  5. 5. Choose Your Niche

    Now that your list is shortened, see if there are any that really excite you. You can choose just one or even a few interests for your niche as long as they compliment each other. For example, photography would go well with travelling, fitness with health, fashion with lifestyle, etc.

  6. 6. Plan Out Your First Several Posts

    After you have chosen your topic or topics for your niche, plan out your first several posts. Are there specific aspects of your niche you are really wanting to focus on? For example, if you are doing fitness, do you want to focus on cardio? Weightlifting? Personal training?

    After figuring out what exactly you want to focus on within your niche, think of ways to make it appealing to your followers. It can be a photo, a meme, an interview, or your own personal experience.

    Try to come up with a fun theme or idea you can always revisit and really connect with your viewers. For example, if your niche is planting and/or gardening, you could “adopt” a new plant and occasionally post about its growth and struggles.

It can be overwhelming having too many interests for your Instagram account. Nothing is organized and it’s difficult to come up with new high quality content. Having a niche for your Instagram really helps you grow your following and keep them engaged with you. It keeps your mind more focused, helping you come up with the content you want for your viewers.