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How to Delete an Instagram Story

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The Instagram app can be an addicting platform to use. You can upload a new photo or video as often as you would like to share with your close friends or followers. That being said, you may need to occasionally delete an Instagram story. Whether you posted it prematurely or you simply changed your mind, you can easily delete your Instagram stories.

It is relatively easy to delete stories on Instagram, whether they were live, in your stories archive, or were a highlight on your feed. Whether you want to remove videos because they were posted at the wrong time or you have changed your mind about a photo, I hope this article has helped you get the results you need from your Instagram account.

Since you won’t want to delete your Instagram posts all the time, you may want to learn more about how to create stories that will resonate with your viewers and grow your Instagram brand in the future. Check out our resources and guides to learn more about Insta’s features so that you can post relevant stories and videos to your feed.