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How to Get Verified on Instagram

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Everyone wants to see that little blue checkmark next to their name, but not everyone knows how. Becoming verified on Instagram proves that you have created an account that has in impacted the world in one way or another. This post will cover what it means to be Instagram verified, what requirements you will need to make, and how to apply for it.

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What is Instagram Verification?

Instagram verification means that the platform has taken steps to validate that an account is owned by ones of the following:

  • Celebrities 
  • Public figures 
  • Global business or brand 

Accounts are verified on Instagram to help the public know if they are following the true person, a fan account, or a scammer trying to take advantage of a brand’s customer base. The verified badge isn’t given to every account and it is primarily used for accounts that meet the above criteria or have large communities centered around a person or brand. 

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Instagram Verification Eligibility Requirements

In order for you to get verified on Instagram, you will need a public account that meets the following requirements set up by Instagram:

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    When it comes to getting your verification on Instagram, you’ll need to prove to them that you are truly who you say you are. This will typically involve you sending in a copy of your personal ID or brand information. 

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    Your Instagram bio must be completely filled out, including having a profile picture. It cannot have links to your other social accounts. You must also have at least one post. 

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    You must be a person or brand who is frequently searched for online and is well-known. You will need to be featured in many news sources that are unpaid for or promotional. 

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    You can only have one verified account for your brand or person. You cannot have multiple Instagram accounts that cover different things. Instagram doesn’t verify anything considered an “interest account.”

Additionally, you must ensure that you are following Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

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How to Request Verification on Instagram 

When you are ready to request verification on your account, complete the following from your mobile device:

  1. Step 1

    Log in to your account and click on your profile icon in the lower right-hand side.

  2. Step 2

    Click on the menu option (three bars) on the top of the screen.

  3. Step 3

    Choose “Settings” from the menu that appears.

  4. Step 4

    Then click on “Account.”

  5. Step 5

    Click on “Request Verification.” You will be prompted to input your information and provide an image of your ID. 

If You Can’t Get Instagram Verified…

Don’t worry if you can’t get verified on Instagram right away. Work to get more Instagram followers and create noteworthy content around the web. Grow your brand so that it becomes more recognizable and will be covered online. Even if you can’t get verified on Instagram right away, you may be able to be verified in the future.