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How to Get Verified on TikTok

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Regardless of the social platform, influencers have actively sought after verification emoji for years. The blue verification badge that lets people know that your TikTok account is authentic is no different. While the badge will not build your following for you, it will show your fans that your account genuinely belongs to you. It will also let them know that you are notable enough in TikTok's eyes that your account is worth the extra confirmation.

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Requirements of TikTok Verification

Unlike other social media sites, TikTok doesn’t have a way that you can request verification for your account. In order to get verified, TikTok’s Creator Launch Team will have to take notice of you and give you that coveted badge. That being said, the platform has been clear about what the verification is for, creating specific criteria.

The requirements to become TikTok verified are as follows:

  1. Create Valuable Content

    The reason that TikTok created the verification process was to protect content creators from having their work copied and re-uploaded under a different account. While this can technically happen to anyone, it is more likely that people will try to steal high-quality videos.

  2. Become Notable

    If you a notable figure (such as a celebrity, a politician, a top influencer, or someone who is well-versed in your field), you are more likely to become verified. Again, because you would be more at risk for people impersonating you and because TikTok wants more notable people on the platform.

  3. Follow TikTok’s Terms

    Make sure that you continually follow TikTok’s terms and conditions. Frequently breaking rules will make it far less likely that you will become verified on the platform.


How to Get the TikTok Verification Emoji

Although the full criteria of what TikTok requires for verification isn’t known, one of the members of the Creator Launch Team, Rachel Pederson, has given some information on what they look for. This includes the following:

  1. New Followers Daily

    To get noticed by the team, you should aim to consistently gain between 500-2000 new TikTok followers per day. Whether you filter these viewers from other platforms or create several videos that go viral, you need to show the team that you are worth their consideration.

  2. Increased Watch Time

    Like other platforms, TikTok wants people to stay on their app as long as possible. If you are creating engaging content that keeps people watching all the way through, they will be more likely to give you verification. Make sure that both your watch time and average views continually grow over time.

  3. Viral Videos

    Work toward creating videos that will go viral on the platform. While this can be difficult, making sure that you understand your audience and are following trends can help you in your attempts.

  4. Media Coverage

    As TikTok looks for notable people, try to get media coverage about your brand or personality. Make sure that it is positive and, if possible, try to mention your TikTok as part of your overall brand.

  5. Other Verified Accounts

    While it isn’t the only thing TikTok looks for, if you can get verified on Instagram or other social media platforms, it could influence the team to consider verification for you as well. Make sure to do your research on how to get verified on Twitter and Facebook as well as other accounts and work toward them as they can be easier badges to reach. The more, the merrier.


How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Verified

To improve your chances of earning TikTok verification, there are a few things (other than those mentioned above) that you can try. Even if you don’t end up with the blue badge, these tips can only make your account more attractive to followers, which will only serve you well in the long run.

  1. Create High-Quality Content

    Analyze your content both before and after releasing it. Always look for ways to do better in the future and upgrade your equipment when you can to make everything look crisper and cleaner. Try new filters and effects from time to time and hone your editing skills until every video looks professionally made.

  2. Promote TikTok on Other Platforms

    Whether you are creating valuable content on the platform and sharing it elsewhere on the web or creating educational content on how to use TikTok, if the platform senses that you are bringing in new users to the app, they may feel extra appreciative.

  3. Increase Engagement on Your Account

    Work toward creating content that will get your audience to react, either by liking your video or commenting. If people comment on it, write back to them to generate more engagement in the future.

  4. Collaborate with Others

    While collaborating with others is always a good practice, if you have done well building up the other metrics for verification, try to find ways to work with other verified people on the platform. Frequently interacting with other notable accounts in a positive way will increase the likelihood of you getting noticed and appreciated by the team.


Can You Buy TikTok Verification

There is no way that you can purchase TikTok verification. While there are a lot of scams that promise you otherwise, they are exactly that: scams.

Do not give your TikTok account information to anyone and do not pay anyone who promises that they can get you the verification you seek. Only specific staff at TikTok can hand out the badges and you can’t pay them to do so.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your account will ever be verified, so it is best to not worry about it too much. Instead, just focus on continually creating better content for your followers and enjoying yourself on the platform. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll log in to the app and see the verification emoji.