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How to Hide Your Following List on Tiktok

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Do you wish to hide your TikTok following list from other users? You can hide followers on TikTok so that only you can see the people you are following. The community sees your TikTok profile as a way to show off your interests and likes, from the content you enjoy to the videos you create.

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to show parts of their profile, so TikTok has features that let you control what your followers and the general public can see. In this guide, you’ll be learning how to hide your following list on TikTok.

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How to Hide Your TikTok Following List

As TikTok users, you’re probably wondering whether you should send this to Tiktok’s concern office or if there’s a more complex procedure. There is no need for this, as you can easily hide your following on TikTok or any of your profile information by changing a few options in your Tiktok app with the following steps.

  1. Step 1:

    Tap the Menu Option

    First, log in to your TikTok account. Click on the “me” symbol in your TikTok profile to go to your profile page.

  2. Step 2:

    Tap the “Privacy” Setting Option.

    To access the settings and privacy options, tap on the three dots menu icon in the top right corner of your profile page.

    Three dots icon

    After clicking the three dots icon, you will be directed to the settings, then click on the Privacy option on the menu.

    Privacy option

    Look for the “Following list” on the bottom of the screen.

    Following list
  3. Step 3:

    Tap the “Following List”

    The “Following list” by default is set to “Followers.”

    Set to followers
  4. Step 4:

    Change to “Only Me”

    In the “Following list” settings. You will see a “Who can see your following list?”

    This includes “Followers” and “Only me.”

    It will be open for public view if the “Followers” option is chosen in the accounts.”

    However, if you switch to the “Only me” icon, your follower’s list on TikTok will be hidden from other users and it will become private.

    By default, your following list on TikTok will be set to everyone or “Followers”.

    You must switch the “Only me” option if you want to hide your following list or make it private.

    Set to only me
  5. Step 5

    Finally, tap the back button four times to return to your profile.

    Then, other users won’t be able to see your following list on TikTok even you follow them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can People See Who I Follow on TikTok?

Yes, if your own profile is set to a public setting, others can see who you follow on TikTok. However, if your profile is private as a whole, no one will be able to see who you follow, even your posts and liked videos.

This is since your follower list will be immediately hidden from others. Furthermore, if you’ve chosen “Only me” for the “Who can see your following list?” option, you can hide your following list.

How Many People Can you Follow on TikTok?

You should not follow more than 30 people in an hour. To avoid being blocked from following, you should try to keep track of fewer than 30 users per hour. TikTok’s maximum following limit per user is 30 per hour. You will receive a warning message if your TikTik account has reached the following limit, such as “You can’t follow more people for the next hour.”

However, there is no definite answer to how many people you may follow on TikTokSome people can go beyond their limit without being blocked. However, the TikTok support team may have increased their following limit after complaining about it.

This is why people who follow over 30 users per hour can continue following, but they may be blocked after a while.

Whether you enjoy comedy routines, vlogging, or spotlights on your favorite TikTok users, you’ll need to take on the safety sections. It’s that simple to hide your following list that there isn’t much need for an in-depth tutorial. If you want to hide your following on TikTok for whatever reason, follow the instructions above to ensure that they are hidden.

This is a fantastic approach to keep yourself safe from potential bots, stalkers, or people who just want to keep an eye on you. The app does not give much control over the situation because you have only one option for feeling safe while using it: hide your following list.