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How to Make a YouTube Video Intro

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Adding a YouTube intro to your video content is a great way to show your audience and potential sponsors that you are building your channel like a professional. A good intro will fit the overall style of your content and your brand and help your viewers know what they can expect from your channel.

This article will cover how you can make a YouTube video intro, the best online makers, and things you should keep in mind during the design process.

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YouTube Video Intro Templates

The easiest way to create a YouTube video intro is to use a maker or a template. There are several online that allow you to create distinct animated intros that can be branded to your channel. You can often change the colors, text, and animations. You can even upload graphics to be used as your logo. 

You can also create a YouTube Intro using a program such as Adobe Spark or Adobe After Effects. There is a learning curve for both of these programs, but you can find many tutorials on YouTube. 

If you want a full custom intro, you can also commission one from a designer. Check out Fiverr, an online marketplace of freelance designers. You can find graphic artists of many skills and prices and you will often find intros that appeal to your aesthetics. 

Makers and Templates for YouTube

Here are some of the best YouTube Intro makers you can find when making a YouTube Video Intro:

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    Placeit has a wide range of Intro makers that come in many styles. You can adjust the colors, add background videos or images, upload your logo, and change the playback speed. You can even upload or use an audio track to create a professional-looking intro. 

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    Renderforest allows you to add your logo to several different intros, you can also choose a variation of the length you will want. They have several videos that would work well in a variety of niches. 

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    With Canva, you can create an intro with any of their thousands of stock videos and music. You can upload your logo and create something unique to your channel. 

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    Intro Cave

    While Intro Cave doesn’t have as many customization options as the other makers mentioned above, they do have a few visually stunning videos that could appeal to your viewers.

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YouTube Intro Design Tips

When creating an intro, it is a good idea to keep some design elements in mind. While any intro is a step up from having none, taking the time to make it branded and suited to your niche will give your videos a professional feel overall. Here are a few things you should consider:

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    Look at other channels within your niche to see what others have done for their intros. While you shouldn’t copy anyone, you should get the feel for what similar influencers are doing. 

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    Different channels will require different looks. For example, a gaming channel should have a more “epic” feel than a fashion channel. Make sure that your intro fits in with your content. 

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    Add your logo and your brand’s colors to the intro. Your goal is to have it look seamless when compared to the branding everywhere else you have a presence online.

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    While you want it to be long enough for it to be noticed, you don’t want it to be so long that it detracts from the rest of the video. Try to keep it between 5-15 seconds for the best results. Again, looking at what other influencers are doing in your niche is a good way to measure. 

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YouTube Intro Examples

Here are a few examples of well-designed YouTube channels for seven different niches:

Good Mythical Morning

Rhett and Link created their daily morning show in January 2012. Since then, the channel has gone through many upgrades as it gained popularity and extra funding. While the intro has changed several times over the years, it has consistently maintained the same intro music and some common elements, like their mascot animal the cockatrice.

Allison Anderson

Allison vlogs about her global travels. While her intros are all different depending on where she has traveled, she starts each with a video montage about that particular trip. Music plays in the background and the name of the country or location is flashed across the screen.

That Chapter

Mike creates content for the True Crime niche. His entry is short and ethereal with ominous music playing in the background. The music will often extend slightly into his spoken introduction, creating a seamless transition. The intro sets the mood for the rest of the video and offers familiarity to long-time viewers.

Pretty Pastel Please

Alex is an Australian fashion influencer who co-hosts her channel with her parrot, Archie. Alex is a cheerful woman who loves pastel colors and telling good stories. Her intro, while simple, shows off the personality of the channel in a cute 8-bit way with a cheerful tune behind it.


Amy is a productivity guru and frequently uploads videos on how she manages her time, plans out her content, and encourages her viewers to chase after the life they want. Her intro covers the name of her brand, shows images of her, and even adds the title of the current video. 

Sorted Food

While Sorted Food’s intro is a little longer than most of the others in this list, it is very reminiscent of other cooking shows both on YouTube and on the Food Network channel. The intro covers many of the dishes the group has created as well as a voiceover that shows that they have adequate experience to give a proper review of kitchen gadgets. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    How Long Should a YouTube Video Intro Be?

    Depending on your content and your channel, you should create an intro between 5 and 15 seconds long. While you can create an intro that is less than 5 seconds long, it should still show the better part of your branding. 

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    What Intro Maker Do YouTubers Use?

    When creating their own intros from scratch, many YouTubers will use Adobe Sparks or Adobe After Effects. When you are just starting out, you can create an intro using a maker template from a platform like Placeit or Renderforest. 

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    What Should Be Included On a YouTube Intro?

    At the bare minimum, you should include your logo, graphics that relate to your content, some animation, and music or sound effects. You can also include a motto or your social tags.