How to Promote Your Onlyfans! – 9 Best Ways To Get More Followers

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Have you just created an OnlyFans account and want to boost the number of people who subscribe to it? Alternatively, you may be a seasoned creator seeking new ways to improve your profile. I've compiled a list of the most popular platforms and tactics for increasing the number of people who subscribe to your OnlyFans account.

There are many various platforms to promote your OnlyFans page to, although not all are created equally and many punish links to Onlyfans. Some platforms and techniques for growing OnlyFans followers have gotten too popular and over-crowded, while others are yet fairly unknown and under-utilized.  If you’re not sure what niche you’re in or which is the best check out this guide on how to select the right one for you. 

In this article, we’ll look at all of the best social media sites, methods, and strategies for promoting your OnlyFans page.


The first rule for using OnlyFans on social media is to avoid including your OnlyFans link in your bio, tweets, and so on. For example, sharing an Onlyfans link on Instagram can often result in a “shadow ban”. This heavily reduces the amount of exposure you get from hashtags and stories. Instead, include a link to an or page in your bio with information about all of your social media profiles.

This is a list of the best ways to get followers on Onlyfans in order or which platforms are most effective.

  1. Reddit

    How to promote your Onlyfans using Reddit.

    Reddit is an amazing platform with “subreddits” that are perfect for building your first few followers and subscribers. Subreddits are communities of Reddit users dedicated to a variety of topics, including adult niches. The process of promoting your OnlyFans on Reddit is as follows:

    1. Locate popular subreddits in your niche
    2. Post teaser content such as photos or videos
    3. Interact with comments and direct messages

    In general, you want your account to appear “real” rather than like an account used purely for advertising purposes. Reddit users are very sensitive about being marketed to. On Reddit, you can’t be “pushy” or “sales-y.” If you try to spam your OnlyFans link all over the place, it won’t work. Redditers will either downvote or just does not engage with what you post.

    If you have any nude/lewd content, there are several Reddit communities dedicated to promoting OnlyFans accounts. You should also post your link directly and give teaser material on these subreddits.

  2. Twitter

    How to promote and gain Onlyfans followers using Twitter.

    Adult material and OnlyFans connections are both welcome on Twitter making it one of the best platforms for getting OnlyFans subscribers. There are few main ways to promote OnlyFans on Twitter. First, get started by adding a link in your Twitter bio with a “Click this link for my NSFW content (link).”

    The easiest way to increase the number of people who follow you on Twitter is to be active and provide material on a regular basis.

    1. Engage with your audience – respond to comments and direct messages.
    2. Post polls and ask questions in order to elicit responses from your audience.
    3. You should also connect with other OnlyFans models on Twitter.

    Networking with other models will help you find other models who can help you to grow your OnlyFans.

    They can invite you into Twitter RT (retweet) groups, Telegram groups, and shoutout groups.

    You can also use OnlyFans-related hashtags on Twitter. It is best to only use between 2-3 hashtags per post.

    Here are a few examples of popular Twitter hashtags effective on Onlyfans;

    #onlyfans #sexy #model #lingerie #onlyfansgirl #onlyfan #fitness #photography #bbw #feet #hot #of #linkinbio #gay #followme #beautiful #tiktok #selfie #girlswithtattoos #camgirl #onlyfansmodel #bhfyp

    An alternate, low-effort way is to use third-party websites like Tweetadder or Tweepi to grow your following by automatically adding OnlyFans links whenever people engage with your tweets, which means retweeting something you posted or favoriting whatever you said. This backfires sometimes when tweets get so popular that everyone starts tweeting out OnlyFans links! However, it’s still worth trying.

  3. Instagram

    How to promote your Onlyfans using Instagram.

    Unfortunately, OnlyFan models on Instagram have a difficult time. You can still utilize Instagram, but you must be vigilant to avoid being banned or shadow-banned.

    The most important rules to follow on Instagram:

    1. OnlyFans should never be linked to under any circumstance.
    2. You shouldn’t post any images or videos that are explicit.
    3. Don’t mention Onlyfans in comments or stories.

    To avoid these issues as previously mentioned it is best to have your Instagram account link directly to Linktree or other third-party social media tools.

    Instagram strictly prohibits all nudity and posting any such content will likely result in your account getting banned. Therefore all content must be safe for work.

    Instagram has a lot of gray areas when it comes to the rules, and they’re frequently contradictory – allowing major personalities to post material that could get you banned. Sadly that is just the state of the platform and unless you’re super famous you’re going to have to play by the rules.

  4. Snapchat

    Snapchat is a great platform for Onlyfans models to try and grow their following. Snapchat is also one of the safest social media platforms for adult content due to content only lasting 24 hours and the platform rarely enforcing its content guidelines or banning accounts.

    You may remove the link to your OnlyFans page at any time so that your premium Snapchat followers can “swipe up,” follow, and subscribe to you. Despite the fact that many creators produce adult material on their Snapchat accounts, a link is generally preferable because there are many minors using the app.

    Users will always want fresh content, especially since the platform is predominantly image and video-based. It is worth noting that like many other social platforms Snapchat does not allow for direct linking in bios or profiles. The type of uploads that are good for funneling to your Onlyfans are;

    1. Sexually suggestive poses
    2. Fitness and workout videos
    3. Showcasing different outfits
    4. Cosplay and gamer related content
    5. Dancing to popular music

    Keep in mind that Snapchat will ban accounts of people who have been reported, so it is best to be as cautious as possible. In order to avoid getting your account banned from Snapchat it’s important that you only use the service to upload safe-for-work images and videos.

    The problem with Snapchat is that there are several ways to get accounts banned: posting NSFW photos and talking about other platforms like OnlyFans. However, there are still some strategies and techniques you can use to help promote your account and create a larger following while staying off the radar of the Snapbot Police (the people who run Snapchat).

  5. Tiktok

    Tiktok is a fast-growing social media platform, and it’s an effective platform to promote your OnlyFans. Tiktok does not allow adult content so make sure to follow the guidelines, which can be found here:

    Start by looking through popular trends on Tiktok and create your own videos of lip sinking or taking part in various challenges. If your Onlyfans account is primarily explicit content you may want to push the boundaries of Tiktok TOS and dress in a provocative manner. This way you are more likely to get fans looking for more of your sexually explicit content.

    The main way to promote Onlyfans on Tiktok is through using hashtags on your videos.

    Hashtags – using hashtags like #nsfw and #adult will bring up Adult accounts who also post NSFW songs and videos. Generally the more popular the songs and videos, the more potential there is to go viral.

    There are many different types of hashtags but some of the most relevant ones for Onlyfans models include:

    #pornstar #adultmodel #camgirl #nudes #xxx #bikini #lingerie #sexydesigner

  6. Onlyfans Shoutouts

    How are you going to increase the number of OnlyFans subscribers on your page? Promote your page to a group of people who are ready and willing to pay for it.

    The OnlyFans platform allows you to promote your page directly through shoutouts, which is one of the most effective methods to get people to visit your profile. A shoutout occurs when another content creator makes a post informing their followers about YOUR page so that they may check you out and maybe subscribe if they are interested.

    1. Start in by identifying profiles that compliment your own.
    2. Fostering a relationship with them by reaching out with a friendly message.
    3. Promote accounts you network with. Don’t go crazy, but do include a link to them from time to time.

    It’s fantastic to get shoutouts on OnlyFans since there’s a large audience that is ready to pay for your material.

  7. Twitch

    Twitch is a live streaming software that may help you spread the word about your OnlyFans page. You’ll run into a lot of critics if you decide to live stream.

    If you go too far and your material is suggestive, you will be banned swiftly. Twitch has very little moderation, you’ll only be under the microscope if you have a large number of viewers and begin pushing Twitch partner.

    Really all you need to do is live stream yourself chatting or answering viewer questions, dance, or game. You can link to your Linktree page and have your Onlyfans profile at the top of that. Twitch gives you the opportunity to connect closely with your community and is a great way to build loyal subscribers. You can also benefit by earning from the subscriptions of Twitch and Onlyfans at the same time.

    If you are too reckless with promoting your OnlyFans and it gets banned, you can simply make a new profile, advertise it on your various social media platforms and try again.

  8. Adult Webcam Sites

    Now, this is without a doubt one of the greatest methods to market your OnlyFans if you produce adult content. Especially if you have some time each day to devote to it. It’s ideal for male, female, and transgender creators as well as another method to make money!

    If you’re producing shows on cam sites such as Chaturbate, you may use that to promote your OnlyFans. There are a lot of Chaturbate users who watch live broadcasts all the time, making it an excellent platform for promoting extra content.

    You also have the added bonus of being able to sell your previous material on these cam sites. It is worth paying attention to what percentage various adult cam sites keep of your earnings. On Onlyfans you get to keep a flat 80% although elsewhere it is often far worse for creators which is what making Onlyfans so appealing in the first place.

  9. Dating Apps

    How to promote your Onlyfans profile using dating apps.

    Apps like Tinder can offer you a lot of exposure if you use them correctly. You may gain a large number of new followers this way, as well. Keep in mind that if you abuse your Only Fans and people report you, you may get banned.

    Here’s the best way to use Tinder to promote your profile:

    1. Make a fresh Tinder profile.
    2. Change the age range to show older men. Traditionally older men spend more money.
    3. Only contact people you believe you could lure to OnlyFans after a few messages.
    4. Let them know about the kind of content you make for OnlyFans.

    You may take advantage of this technique on Bumble, Okcupid, Match, SeekingArrangement, Grindr, or other dating platforms.

Final Thoughts

Here are the best strategies to use if you want to promote your OnlyFans page. You’ll be able to expand your following and eventually attain a sufficient number of followers to allow you to earn money effectively. Subscriptions are not the only way to generate income, so don’t overlook them.

Make certain to offer suggestions with each new article. You may also sell digital or physical items to your fans or followers, as well as utilize your Pay-Per-View communications. All of this success is heavily reliant on you regularly posting content on your profile and doing your best to respond to direct messages and custom orders.

Know where your potential fans and subscribers hang out so you can promote your page more easily. You need to get your page in front of the appropriate people at the right moment.