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How to Schedule Your Onlyfans Content

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When people are paying you a monthly fee to see your content, there is a lot of pressure placed on you to publish consistently. Fortunately, the platform has created a system that allows you to easily schedule your posts so that you don't always have to be online to do it.

This article will go over how to schedule your Onlyfans content as well as strategies you can use to please your fans.

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How to Schedule Posts on Onlyfans

Onlyfans has a built-in system that allows you to schedule content on their platform. You can even schedule content months in advance, allowing you to ensure that you can always have something new for your fans even if you will be gone for a week.

To schedule posts on Instagram, you will need to complete the following two steps:

  1. Step 1

    Compose the message you want to schedule, including uploading your images or video. You can create the post in the same way you usually do, through the Compose option.

  2. Step 2

    Click on the calendar icon to open a window. You will be able to scroll through months to find the date you want to post to go live. Select the time and schedule the post.

After your post has been scheduled, you only need to wait. Onlyfans will publish it at the appropriate time, allowing you to spend less time managing the platform and more time creating content that will sell.

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Why You Should Schedule Your Onlyfans Content

There are several reasons why you should consider scheduling your Onlyfans content in advance. Here are a few benefits that you may be able to benefit from when pre-planning your posts:

  1. Consistent Posting

    Scheduling your content in advance allows you to post consistently on a daily or weekly basis. Whether you want to post every 6 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours, you can schedule things at once so that you don’t have to actively be online at each time throughout the day.

  2. Best Times

    If you notice that your audience responds better when you post at a specific time, you can make sure that your best content is posted at that time. Look for trends in both daily and weekly responses.

  3. Post When You’re Away

    Everyone goes through periods of time where they can’t work. Whether you are going on vacation, can sense you are burning out, or just want some time off, you can schedule posts for a few days while you plan to be away.

  4. Batch Scheduling

    Scheduling posts in advance allows you to batch process a part of your content creation. This will save you time later on as you can schedule things when you are most alert and creative.

  5. Schedule Funnels

    Scheduling your Onlyfans posts in advance also allows you to plan ahead on your other social media accounts. If you have created funnels into your Onlyfans, you can post content that teases your Onlyfans content on other social sites at the same time it goes live, effectively creating a marketing machine.

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How Often Should You Schedule Your Posts on Onlyfans

How often you should schedule your Onlyfans posts should depend on your overall strategy and the time you have to produce content. If your fans expect a lot from you or they pay a higher monthly fee, you may want to post more frequently. If you struggle for time, you may want to spread out your postings throughout the week.

Many Onlyfans creators try to post once or twice per day and will stick to 1-2 images. Creators post videos less frequently due to them taking longer to create and produce, but will schedule those as well.

When scheduling content, try to keep the times that the posts will go live the same each day so that people will come to expect to see your images and videos regularly. Consider posting a little more often on holidays or special days (such as the anniversary of when you started posting) to keep people excited. You can schedule this content in advance as well.

Once you learn to schedule your content, you will be able to better utilize your time to grow your brand in other ways, either by creating extra funnels or researching new ideas to grow your audience.