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How to See if a YouTube Channel Has Fake Subscribers

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One of the most popular forms of media today is YouTube. With so many people watching videos online, creating a YouTube channel to share your thoughts and opinions can be an excellent way to connect with others as well as boost your social status. Most channels have spent many years producing content, building up their subscribers to have a social media presence.

If you’re thinking of launching a YouTube channel, there are some things you should know about making money from your videos, as well as how to tell if a YouTube channel has fake subscribers. You deserve real YouTube subscribers for the hard work on all your videos. 

Fake followers can hurt your reputation, steal views from your videos, and put you in a bad light. You can’t check every video on YouTube, but you can spot fake views and subscribers on many channels and videos and recognize them before they hurt your reputation.

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How to Spot Fake YouTube Subscribers

There are many ways to tell if a YouTube channel has fake followers. One way to look for fake YouTube views is by checking out the history of the channel and how it’s grown. Usually, channels with fake views grow very quickly over a short period of time. 

Most people aren’t subscribed to thousands of channels at once – they will subscribe to your channel naturally if they like what you have to say through positive word-of-mouth or through your content. Here are more ways to tell if a YouTube channel has fake subscribers:

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    Check Subscriber’s Profile

    Is their profile picture someone random and not related to the channel he/she subscribes to? Channel owners who are creating fake accounts typically won’t do much to make them look like real subscribers. Check the subscriber’s history for consistency. If you notice a person who has a subscription to many channels, but they keep track of very few or none of them, then it is suspicious.

    Check how much time this person spends on YouTube. If it is more than 10 hours a day, then that means this subscriber is getting paid by companies to subscribe to their channels.

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    Check Subscriber lists

    Look at their list of subscriptions to see what kind of channels they are subscribed to. If they are subscribed to channels in different genres, then it wouldn’t be considered fake views. Fake subscribers on YouTube can come from many sources, but not all of them are “bad.”

    The main reasons for fake subscribers are either because the channel is new and trying to make a name for itself by buying subscribers or because the content producer is paying companies to subscribe to people. This isn’t harmful unless you’re using bought subscribers to boost your video’s popularity artificially.

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    Check For other Uses of the USername

    Type in their name into Google and look for other social sites with people going by the same name, or just have a similar username. People typically use the same username over several different platforms. You can also check out the comment section of the YouTube video to see if they’re actually active users on YouTube. 

    Fake followers will often not comment on videos at all or post irrelevant comments. Real viewers will usually post relevant comments and they’ll also spend more time watching videos and engaging in user activity on the channel.

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    Message Them on YouTube

    Try messaging them on YouTube and asking them why they started watching your videos. If you get a reply, then it is most likely that these views are genuine and not fake YouTube subscribers. Check their activity history to see if they actually engage with other videos on the channel. 

    Check how many comments and likes this subscriber has under their belt (if any). Fake subscribers will often watch your video and leave without interacting much at all. They’ll be more interested in subscribing than leaving feedback or engagement.

    The main way to know if a YouTube channel has fake subscribers is by checking the activity feed and seeing if there’s any engagement on videos and subscriber counts. You can also use some tools to identify if you’re dealing with fake YouTube subscribers. 

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Tools to Help Your Find Fake Subs

When running a YouTube channel, you should know that there are companies that aid YouTubers in finding fake subscribers or bots through a simple check on the statistics of each channel they’re subscribed to using API.

You can pay for access to these sites as well as look up how many views and comments these people have given globally. You can also check their average user rating if they’ve been active recently, and other valuable information.

These tools track all of this data from their very first log in so you can see just how serious a problem fake YouTube subscribers are becoming.

Here are some tools for you to use to find fake subscribers:

  1. FlowMetrics

    FlowMetrics is one of the most comprehensive tools to check the statistics of any channel on YouTube. This tool will help you detect fake subscribers, so if they are found in your data, then there is a possibility that some of your subscribers are not real people and are just spambot users.

    It will only take 5 minutes for this free service to complete its analysis. It’s also 100% free and does not require you to sign up with your email address like other similar services out there. 

  2. SocialBlade

    This is another great tool that will provide you with the YouTube statistics such as subscriber count, how many views they get per day. It will also let you know about trends in their viewership, so you’ll be able to see if something fishy is going on.

    You can also check any channel’s reputation by looking at the SocialBlade score and checking out comments in order to find out if their subscribers are real people or not. 

    The downside of this service is that it requires a free account registration before using it, which makes some users reluctant to use it.

  3. Botify

    It is another option for detecting fake viewers on your channel. You can use your Mac or Windows PC since it’s a desktop app providing a quick analysis of each subscriber on your channel by checking their IP address – which also helps if some of them have been banned from YouTube. 

    While it comes with a price tag of $9 per month, it is still worth it. Particularly if you’re sure about any spamming activity going on, or you feel like something is strange on the account. Botify offers a 30-day free trial, so you can test it out before going on a buy.

  4. FollowerWonk

    It is a great tool for analyzing any Twitter follower, which you can also use for YouTube. It provides a lot of useful information about your followers on YouTube, so you can know them better and check out who are the most engaged people among your audience. 

    Similarly, it allows you to check out all the subscribers of particular channels with their activity history, age, accounts they follow, etc. The downside is that it’s not 100% accurate since some fake viewers can also look like real users (especially if they tweet or post content).

  5. Disset Your Subscribers

    This is another free solution for checking fake YouTube subscribers by providing interesting statistics about them, such as how many videos do they watch daily/monthly, the average time they spend watching different videos, and more. 

    There is also a tab that shows the viewer’s location, a device they use to watch YouTube videos, and that’s how you’ll be able to find out if some of your subscribers are coming from India, for example. It automatically analyzes every new subscriber on your channel within 24 hours.

  6. FakeFollowers

    It is an easy-to-use service for checking any YouTube account, which supports all major social media platforms. The main benefit you’ll get from this tool is that it’s very quick, so you won’t have to wait for hours before getting the results. Instead, you can get them within seconds or even less than a minute. 

    It will provide information about your subscribers, including their location. The only downside is that there is no detailed report like other tools mentioned above, and there is also no free trial available, unfortunately.

  7. Crowdbabble

    Crowdbabble is another tool for finding out fake YouTube subscribers by providing analytics about each channel. Such as when they were most active, how their audience looks like, and more, which you can use for free. The downside is that it’s quite slow in delivering results since it also gives detailed information about each channel, unlike other similar services.

    There are no monthly plans available, so you’ll have to pay between $89-$399 per month if your work requires following up with lots of YouTube accounts.

  8. StatusPeople

    It is also great for checking fake subscribers on YouTube, which you can use for free for a limited number of profiles per day. It supports all major social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The downside is that it doesn’t provide any information about channels’ stats, just basic information about their audience’s activity. But the good thing is that you can find out if some of your subscribers are spam accounts or not.


Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Paying for subscribers is an easy way to get more people to notice you on YouTube, but it isn’t always the best idea. If you buy fake views, you’re not likely to fool anyone for long. The problem with buying viewers is that these “subscribers” will never watch your videos again after they’ve done their job of showing up in your video’s statistics.

There are no effects tied to the subscription. Real visitors won’t find any reason to keep watching your channel unless you produce quality content that can stand by itself against other popular channels on YouTube. It may seem like having more views means you have better videos at first glance, however, there’s a great deal more going on behind the scenes than just how many people watched your last video.

Getting fake subscribers is risky because you’ll only be fooling yourself. The views you get from them are not likely to stay on your channel for long either, so it’s just a waste of time and money.

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Quick Tips to Help You Grow Organically

If you’re interested in making real connections with viewers and presenting content that can stand out from the crowd, try these tips instead:

  1. Upload Consistently

    Constant uploads and a steady, growing catalog will keep your audience engaged and waiting for your next piece of content. Your viewers should know when to expect new videos from you. YouTube will also prioritize YouTube channels that publish at least one new video per week.

  2. Create Unique Content

    If you’re just recording yourself talking about the same old things that everyone else is saying, no one needs to watch it. You need to bring something fresh and exciting to the table if you want people to view your channel as anything but another cog in the machine.

  3. Be Active On Social Media

    Find ways to promote yourself outside of YouTube so people who don’t visit the site can find out about your videos and subscribe to them without requiring too much effort. Put links on Twitter and Facebook so users can easily click through and find more of your videos.

  4. Be Professional

    People are less likely to respond to someone who doesn’t act as they take themselves seriously, so don’t talk in front of the camera like you’re just chatting with friends or use poor-quality equipment that distracts from your content. If you want to gain everyone’s attention, you must appear professional.

  5. Don’t Be Repetitive

    If there’s anything annoying about YouTube these days, it’s how many creators rely on one trick or gimmick only. With so much available at their fingertips, video makers tend toward redundancy in hopes they can find success in repetition. If you rely on a single concept for all of your videos, you’ll only get tired when trying to build up your subscribers.

  6. Work With Other YouTubers

    The best way to grow your YouTube subscriber base is by working with other creators. You may not think that collaborating will help you much, but it allows you to spread the word about yourself and gives viewers a reason to watch more than one of your videos. Plus, if you both do something fantastic and upload it to YouTube, the video’s views will skyrocket.

  7. Give Quality Videos

    Video quality plays a big role in the success of any YouTube channel, so it’s important to use good equipment that can give viewers an enjoyable experience. While you don’t need expensive cameras and lighting gear to make your videos look good, you should at least invest in some decent microphones and learn how to edit your footage, so it doesn’t look like crap.

  8. Learn Advanced Video Editing Skills

    Most YouTubers don’t know how to edit their own videos, so if you want to make this a full-time career making YouTube videos, you should learn how to make basic cuts and transitions. There are tons of tutorials online that walk you through the process step by step.

It’s a well-known fact that YouTube is the best place to start your own video blog as it enables you to promote yourself, earn money from advertisements, and gather an audience interested in what you have to offer.

Spend your time and money on producing quality content and promoting your Youtube channels and other social networking sites. It is the only way to attract new genuine viewers since they will most likely become loyal fans of your channel.