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How to Turn on Dark Mode on Instagram

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There are several benefits to being able to change your mobile device and apps to dark mode other than the fact it just looks really cool. It helps save your battery life. It’s easier on your eyes at night. If you can’t fall asleep and you feel like scrolling through Instagram, it helps cut the light from disrupting the sleep of your significant other. And when you’re a passenger on a road trip during the nighttime, it can help from distracting the driver.

Night mode can be a lot of fun to use and cool to look at. It helps cut the strain on your eyes when you’re in a dark room or it’s nighttime. It’s best used at night as during the day it is easier to read with light mode. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to switch between the two or set a timer on your phone to automatically do it for you.

While Instagram doesn’t always allow you to turn dark mode on within the Instagram app, fortunately, you can do from your device’s settings. Once you have dark mode activated, you will be able to experience the dark side of Insta.