How to Use the Slow-Motion Effect on TikTok

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One of the reasons TikTok is such a great app is that you can use dozens of filters and effects to make unique content. If you have spent time on the platform, you have likely seen a slow-motion video or two come up in your feed. The good news is that it is possible to create slowed-down videos of your own.

Whether you want to create a duet video that includes slow content, or you want to film an entire video of new content, this is a method you can create something with the slowest speed. The best news is that you don’t need any complicated video editing software to make these kinds of videos.

To maximize the effect of your slow-motion video on TikTok, you should only start recording when everything is set up. Make sure that your phone (or camera) is steady and that the subject is well lit.

Using the slow-motion effect can be a lot of fun. After you learn how to edit video content on the TikTok app, you’ll likely begin recording several other slow-motion content in the future.