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Instagram Story Dimensions in 2022

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Whether you are growing your brand for a company or as an influencer, posting high-quality content is crucial for engagement. For that reason, it is a good idea to become familiar with the recommended dimensions for your Instagram stories so that each post will appeal to your ideal audience.

This post will give you an overview of the recommended size and resolution of your stories as well as give you guidance on which formats can be used.

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Instagram Story Requirements

Instagram recommends that your story dimensions fit into your typical video and image ratios. These ratios include 9:16 for video and 4:5 for images. Stories are displayed vertically. The recommended pixel resolution is 1080x1920px.  

The minimum width for your stories is 500 px. You should also ensure that each image is at least 72 PPI (pixels per inch) to give standard quality for your followers. It is important to upload the correct ratios, as Instagram will crop images to format them to their standards. As this is automatic, you could lose important data if you don’t plan ahead. 

Insta Story Resolution

The minimum story resolution is 72 ppi. Instagram recommends using 1080×1920 so that it will appear clear and appealing at full screen. You can put up dimensions as low as 600×1067. When filming an Instagram video, you should ensure that you record at a resolution of at least 1080p at 30 fps. You can often adjust these settings on your camera or mobile device.  

If you take pictures at a lower resolution (or film at one), you risk showing grainy images or videos to your followers. Take the time to ensure you deliver high-quality every time. 

Instagram Story File Format 

Instagram story images should be uploaded in PNG, JPG, or BMP. A good strategy long-term is to edit your images in PNG so that you don’t lose any features over time. When it is finally time to upload your images, export your files as JPGs and post them on Instagram. Though the JPG can lose data over time, it is a much more compact file for online distribution. The max image size is 30MB.

For Instagram video stories, you will need to create MP4 or MOV files. Instagram’s recommended resolution for videos is 1080 x 1920px which meets the aspect ratio of 9:16.

Instagram Story Size

The max image size for Instagram stories is 30MB. If you have a lot of data stored on an image, you may want to try to upload it as a JPG instead of a PNG. 

Instagram Story Video Size

The max video size for an Instagram story is 4GB. As the maximum length of a video on Instagram is 15 seconds long, you shouldn’t have to worry about exceeding the video file limit. You can upload multiple videos together, each in 15-second segments to show a longer clip.

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Best Tools for Instagram Story Dimensions

If you want to ensure that you give your followers the highest quality every time, consider using a tool that will size each image, give you editing options, and allow you to layer text or images on top of each other. Here are a few of our favorites:

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    Snappa has templates for Instagram as well as several other social platforms. With the program, you can create the perfect Instagram stories with overlays and graphics. 

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    Placeit has highly customizable templates for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and many other platforms. The site is easy to use and very affordable. 

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    With Canva‘s templates for Instagram Stories as well as other social posts, you can create visually appealing images that will attract new followers for you.  

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    Lumen5 allows you to produce videos for Instagram stories. You can create professional-looking videos with layers and text. The best part is, you can set the dimensions of the video, ensuring that it comes out perfect. 

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    Adobe Spark

    With Adobe Spark, you can create short videos or social graphics that will stand out for your viewers. They have hosts of filters and animations that are designed to be eye-catching. 

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    Embed Social

    If you need to add a CTA to your Instagram Stories, we recommend using Embed Social. With this platform, you can add embeddable code that makes your images shoppable. 

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How Often To Post Instagram Stories

Most Instagram influencers should aim to post between 10-20 stories per day. These should be posted periodically throughout the day and should be original content. Use your stories to update your audience and engage with them. You can also use it to bring attention to your main post of the day.

While you should plan the best times for your Instagram posts, you don’t have to worry as much with stories. Just make sure that they stay relatively within your niche and inspire your audience. 


Knowing the right Instagram Story dimensions will ensure that your images and videos will be exactly how you want them when you post. You won’t have to worry that they will be cropped or blurry, allowing you to give your followers the quality they deserve.