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Is OnlyFans Safe for Fans?

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Before you can purchase content or support creators on Onlyfans you must first sign up using a credit or debit card. While the platform has a secure checkout system and prompts you to verify your card via SMS or Verification code there has been an increase in the number of reported cases of hacked accounts in recent months. Unlike other platforms where you can use multiple payment options like PayPal, Onlyfans requires a card.

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Do Users Trust Onlyfans?

OnlyFans has a notoriously low consumer rating and a string of bad reviews.. Only 13.7% of reviews are positive in the last 12 months. These findings suggest both customers and creators are dissatisfied with the platform. The most common issues raised are incorrect billing, scam accounts, identity protection, and accounts getting deleted with no explanation. 

That being said, many consumers blame the Onlyfans platform after a poor interaction with models. Currently, there is a grey area when it comes to requesting custom content as it requires a negotiation between two parties to settle the terms of the arrangement. 

If you are interested in learning how to stay safe as a content creator on Onlyfans you can read our full guide on the topic here.

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Is it Safe to Use a Debit Card on Onlyfans?

There have been multiple instances of unauthorized account changes to Onlyfans users in recent months. While the platform has decent security measures It is important that if you do face such a situation you report the suspicious transactions immediately. At the same time, notify your credit card issuer in case Onlyfans support team are unable to resolve the issue. Like any online platform, there can be problems using your card online if your connection is insecure. Be sure to use reputable internet security and scan your system regularly.    

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Can Onlyfans See Your Credit Card Info?

According to Onlyfan’s privacy policy, the platform does not have access to the credit card details of its users. Payments are processed via a third-party provider and provide a “token” that represents each individual account at the point of purchase. 

The provider alone will have access to your card number, expiration date, or security code. Payments made to creators to unlock content always use the bank account information that Onlyfans has stored for your account. You can update card details at any time via the Payments tab.

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Can You Get Scammed on OnlyFans?

While scams are commonly reported on the platform they are primarily due to confusion and misunderstanding between fans and creators. Purchasing content behind a paywall before knowing what you’re actually getting commonly leaves fans disappointed. Creators who successfully promote to the masses will often tease photos or videos that are vastly different from the actual content.

Scams do exist but they are primarily run by smaller creators that haven’t been on the OnlyFans platform as long. The general rule to avoid scams is to never follow links off-platform, even if they are sent by a personal message from the creator’s account. These links can result in a variety of scams that include, stealing personal information, credit card details, inserting spyware, blackmail schemes, or funneling users to high-ticket, webcam shows. 

There are also multiple websites that are cloned to look similar to Onlyfans that sell and promote stolen Onlyfans content. They also come in the form of apps that claim to offer free images and videos of premium accounts via an Onlyfans Hack

  1. Spam from Content Creators

    One of the major issues that plague Onlyfans is creators spamming users’ feeds with links to other creators. While this is against TOS, Onlyfans seems to do very little to address the problem. It is not uncommon to receive several messages per day from certain accounts, all promotional in nature. Links are shared to images or videos that are hidden behind a paywall.

    Will this problem is more prevalent if a user follows a lot of free accounts it still exists from premium accounts even if there is an active sub. While this can be overwhelming and annoying to the user base, Onlyfans does little to limit spam as the marketing tactics of models directly benefit the platform when sales are made.   

  2. Dangers of Purchasing Custom Content

    A popular complaint of the Onlyfans platform is that some creators will accept a tip to fulfill a certain request and not follow through with the desired picture or video. Onlyfans has the formal stance that all tips are voluntary which makes agreements with creators invalid. Many creators don’t “make to order” content which is often due to shoot scheduling or requiring an extra party.