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Is OnlyFans Safe for Fans?

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Before purchasing content or supporting creators on Onlyfans you must first sign up using a credit or debit card. While the platform has a secure checkout system and prompts you to verify your card via SMS or Verification code there has been an increase in the number of reported cases of hacked accounts in recent months.

Is it safe for fans to have an Onlyfans account? While the Onlyfans website itself is generally safe (though data breaches happen frequently in the online world), there are several Onlyfans accounts that block users, don’t follow through on creating content for special orders, and more.

When looking for explicit content on the page, it is a good idea to take extra security measures to keep your account secure. Do as much research about a creator as you can before you sub and understand that you may lose some money here and there to people who won’t follow through.

If you pay someone to create custom sexual content for you and they don’t follow through and ask for “more money first,” count your losses and purchase content elsewhere.