how to make a list on twitter

How to Make a List on Twitter

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Twitter is by far the most popular and most used media for interaction on the internet. While there are quite a few other sites and apps for specific types of content out there, nothing can beat the amount of information posted every day on Twitter.

Now you are a verified expert in creating twitter lists. Whether you want to create a list for just you, your friends and Twitter followers, or every Twitter user out there to take a look at, creating your own Twitter lists can be an amazing way to stay informed and up to date.

The best thing about the amazing Lists function is that whether they are your own Lists, or other people’s Twitter Lists, they will show up in a separate Twitter feed showing only the accounts that have been added.

So, what are you waiting for? Tap create and add accounts to make your desired list of whatever topic or interest you want to share. Maybe you want to create a List of the top tweets from highly influential people, or simply put together a List of some of your favorite chefs. The choice is entirely yours!