Who Has The Most Followers on Instagram? – Top 50

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Do you want to know which Instagram accounts have the most followers right now? We can all agree that Instagram is one of the most influential social media platforms, with millions of users tuning every day to see what's trending. For celebrities, it gives a unique platform to connect with their audiences through insights into their personal lives and share their opinions on issues. The more they post, the more Instagram followers they usually have.

We’re a quarter of the way through 2022, and the world around us is changing. So, too, is the competition for the most Instagram followers. Following Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievement of being the first person to reach 400 million Instagram followers, two musicians swapped places, and another Kardashian entered the top 10.

You now have a list of the top 50 most-followed Instagram accounts in the world. This rating may change over time as celebrity news brings attention to their Instagram pages or vice versa; the attitude may be completely reversed.