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Who Has the Most Twitter Followers?

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According to statistics, Twitter has approximately 237.8 million DAU (daily active users) worldwide and it is expected to gain more users by the end of 2022. Twitter, undeniably known as a micro-blogging platform, is a well-known networking site where people get to express their opinions, whether on topics of Politics, Sports, Business, Entertainment or any other issues (basically whatever they want to put across) and also can interact with their favorite artists or famous social media personalities.

To be one of the most followed accounts on Twitter has its own perks and benefits. It helps the user to reach out to people from all across the globe with their growing influence. Not only that, Twitter accounts with a large following can also opt to monetize their tweets and earn money just by tweeting. If you’re looking for that kind of opportunity, growing your social media presence with enough followers on Twitter can be achievable if you get to know how.