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How Much To Charge on OnlyFans

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The amount of money you can earn on OnlyFans will range from the size of your external fan base, the content you post on your account, and the frequency of when you use it. While it is initially easy to start an OnlyFans account, many new creators struggle on what to set their subscription price.

This post will help you walk through what you should consider so that you can charge what you are worth.

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Look at Similar OnlyFans Creators

One of the first things you should do when deciding what you should charge on OnlyFans is to look at similar content creators in your niche and what they are charging. Don’t just look at what they would typically post, but consider the size of their other socials, their professional history, and other factors. 

When you have a list of people whose influence value is similar to yours, look for the range that they charge on OnlyFans. Your pricing should typically be within this range or slightly less/more.

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How Much Content Will You Post?

You should also determine how much you’ll upload to OnlyFans compared to other creators. If you will produce more quality content than the average account, make sure to charge a little more for your time and talent. If you plan to post infrequently, you may want to charge less in order to not lose subscriptions. 

Video to Photo Ratio

How many videos do you plan to post in relation to photos? Subscribers generally appreciate video content more than they would still shots, so if you plan to produce a large amount of video, you may be able to charge more without losing subscribers. 

Will You Also Create PPV Messages?

If you plan to post less to subscribers as a whole and instead really push PPV messages, you may want to charge less for your subscriptions since the main portion of the content will be behind another paywall. 

On the other hand, if you plan to post about the same as other content creators and still take advantage of the PPV application, charging the same as other accounts would be considered normal.

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Listen to Your Fans… to a Point

Most of the time, you can count on 1-3% of your Instagram or other social followings to convert to purchasing a OnlyFans subscription. If you are not in that range and have fewer subscribers than you should, you may be charging too much. 

On the other hand, if you have far more subscribers than you anticipated, you may be selling yourself short. If you choose to raise your prices, do so gradually until you see the balance that is best for you, or keep your prices low to bring in a greater percentage of viewers. 


Ultimately, the decision of what you will set your OnlyFans account prices is up to you. If you feel uncomfortable charging more or less than a specific amount, then don’t let anyone else decide for you. Just be open to looking at your stats and seeing how you can improve over time.