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How Creators Stay Safe on OnlyFans

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While many content creators have been able to earn a substantial amount through OnlyFans, some have encountered toxic people who ask for more the creator wants to give. You can never know the full intentions of any of your account’s subscribers, so it is important to create some boundaries around yourself to keep yourself safe while you work on the platform.

OnlyFans is an online social platform where profile holders can post images, videos, and text content behind a paywall. Users can either pay a monthly subscription or purchase pay-per-view content. While the platform was built for any type of content creation, it has become known and regarded as a place where influencers can post adult content. 

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1. Never Reveal Personal Information

While this is generally considered a no-brainer, when you are taking images and videos for OnlyFans, it is important to keep your identity and location vague. Make sure that there is nothing in the background of your images that will help people pin-point your location and track you down. While most people should respect your personal privacy, you can never really know who may become overly obsessive. 

Though rare, there have been instances of online content creators being stalked and threatened in their real life. This is especially true for attractive women, so you should be very careful to ensure that you keep your personal identity and location safe. 

Here are a few other ways you can stay safe while creating content on OnlyFans:

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    Use A VPN

    Not only is it a good idea to use a VPN for OnlyFans, but it can help you generally stay safe when doing anything online. A VPN acts as a shield to protect your IP address and your data while you do anything online. To stay safe and ensure that nobody can track your location, consider trying one of the following VPNS:

    • NordVPN – this VPN has been trusted since 2012, has 5,000 server locations worldwide, and services more than 12 million satisfied customers.
    • ExpressVPN – with servers in over 90 countries, ExpressVPN is dedicated to protecting your identity and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with their product.
    • FastestVPN – if you are looking for a budget VPN and are willing to pay in advance, you may be able to get service for less than $1 per month.
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    Don’t Open Links

    If one of your subscribers tries to send you a link, don’t open it unless you are 100% sure where it is going and if it is safe. Several VPNs will include this as a part of their package, but you can also use Google Transparency Report to check the link as well. Opening dangerous links may not only damage your computer, but scammers might also be able to get into other devices that are linked to your cloud.

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    Purge Image Metadata

    Before posting anything to your profile, make sure that you have removed the metadata. Occasionally this data will include your precise location in the world. 

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    set up 2Fa

    Using 2-factor authentication will help prevent your account from being hacked, making sure that your personal details and your account settings will all stay safe.

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2. Use a New Email Address and Device Account

After deciding to start an OnlyFans account, many creators wonder if they can keep it private. If you want to keep it separate from your personal life, make sure to use a different email address to sign up for all your relevant socials. Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other giants will typically store information and will naturally try to link your accounts to your friends and family.

While this isn’t an issue for many people on OnlyFans, those who want to keep their accounts secret will need to take this extra precaution to stay safe. This is especially true for influencers who want to post adult content. While there is less stigma overall for past involvement in the sex industry, you may find some aspects of your personal life affected in the future, especially if your images get leaked and associated with your identity.

If you have strong concerns over what would happen if your friends, family, or future employers found out, you should take extra steps to keep your accounts separate:

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    Second Business Email

    Create a second email email for your OnlyFans account and for business transactions in general. All the major email accounts allow you to have more than one email address for free. If you choose to create a personal website to go along with your brand, create an email that is entirely separate from anything in your personal life.

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    New User On Device

    To make sure there are no mistakes, create a new user on your device and operate on there for everything brand-related while you can keep up with your personal life elsewhere. You can create multiple users on almost any device.

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    SAfe Postings

    Never post any information on your OnlyFans or socials that funnel into it that could help users find your location or personal information. This may include major landmarks in your background unless you are travelling. When people become obsessed with finding someone online, they will often analyze anything they can see, including electric sockets to identify the influencer’s country. While these are extreme cases, understanding all the risks will help look at your own pictures with a measure of caution before you post.

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3. Lock Down Personal Social Accounts

To prevent your subscribers from doxing you, make sure that you take extra precautions with your safety settings on your personal social media accounts. Consider enacting the following:

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    Profile Picture

    Use a picture where your face isn’t seen clearly or hide it from the public until they are friends with you on the platform. 

  • Keep Friends Private

    Go through each of your personal social accounts with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that your privacy settings are adequate to keep you safe. Make sure that people can’t access your list of friends or be able to find you through other’s lists. Not only do you want to keep your information.

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    Change Your Name

    Consider going by your first and middle name instead of your full name. Many people do this as an extra safety precaution. You can also use a pseudonym. You can also go by a different name or pseudonym on OnlyFans.

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4. Immediately Report Any Content Leaks

Unfortunately, you will always run the risk of someone stealing your videos and images and distributing them. When you find stolen Onlyfans content, immediately alert the platform’s DMCA team who will help you work to take down the pirated material. 

While you may have to work hard alongside the platform to get the images and videos removed from other sites, there are a few things you can do to help prevent stolen OnlyFans content. Consider using a watermark and going the extra mile to trademark it and your content.

Other platforms are becoming more strict on what content they allow uploaded. In time, it may be more difficult for your work to be resold elsewhere. While this might not help people stealing your content to share with their friends, it can cut back on some of the piracy.

What OnlyFans Does to Protect its Content Creators

In addition to built-in tools including 2FA Authentication and the ability to block users who you don’t want to deal with, OnlyFans will also help you fight websites where your content was uploaded without your permission. The platform encourages users to take security precautions to keep themselves safe. 

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5. Block Uncomfortable OnlyFans Subscribers

Don’t be afraid to block a subscriber who goes too far, pushes you for private information, or demands special services or attention. Keeping yourself safe should be a priority and if you aren’t dealing with a toxic audience, your job will be easier and you will be more cheerful with other subs. No amount of money is worth your safety or your mental health. Focus on the fans that you enjoy spending time with and remove those that make your job more difficult.

No matter what you are doing online or what platforms you are using, you should always ensure that you take every precaution to keep yourself safe. There have been many stories of content creators being doxed or stalked due to their online activities. Being aware of a potential issue could help you avoid any missteps that could put you in harm’s way. 

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6. Be Prepared to Be Outed

Unfortunately, even creators who have done everything they can do to stay private will often be outed publicly. How much this matters to you will depend on who you are and your situation. While many influencers are supported by those around them, some are not. If this your case, you will need to weigh how much you value the opinions of your friends and family against your desire to make content on OnlyFans, then make your decision. 

That being said, have a plan on what you will do in case you are outed. Some people have lost employment or have trouble getting employed in certain positions. While regulations and guidelines are changing, you may need to have a fall-back plan available if you work in a “family-friendly” industry.

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Is OnlyFans Legit?

Many potential users wonder if OnlyFans is a legit site due to the amounts of money many users claim to make. The truth is that you can earn money on OnlyFans if you have a good marketing strategy or popular social accounts you can use to funnel into the platform. 

As an OnlyFans user, you determine the price of the subscriptions to your own channel, how often you post, how you interact with your fans, and what content you wish to publish. Many creators are able to earn a little side income or even make enough that they don’t have to work outside the home. 

Bear in mind that you will have to pay taxes on OnlyFans earnings, just as you would on income from a job or other side gigs. Ensure you are making enough to make ends meet as well as pay the IRS before you quit your day job. 


Remember, your safety and happiness are important. Do what you need to do to ensure that you are not put into any positions that make you uncomfortable.