Photo Tips for Onlyfans

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Onlyfans is a visual platform, making taking good pictures essential for creating a solid brand. Like any other influencer platform, is saturated with many professional creators. Not only are you competing with actual Onlyfans celebrities, but there are thousands of creators in every niche who are also offering unique content for a price.

This post will cover how you can create better images for Onlyfans, increasing your fan count over time.


1. Do Full Photo Shoots, Not Single Image

While you should definitely value quality over quantity, letting your potential fans know that they can expect more from you may influence them to subscribe to your profile over someone else’s. That being said, you do need to make the whole process more sustainable for you so that you don’t experience burnout.

The best way to offer more valuable content without spending several more hours per week is to plan out full photoshoots in advance. You will be able to take hundreds of pictures in one sitting that you can spread out over time by scheduling your Onlyfans pictures in advance.

Plan Your Content in Advance

The best way to get the most out of your time is to plan out your content in advance. Conduct your research, think of themes, and gather your costumes and props before you set up your equipment to take the images.

Don’t shy away from planning several different styles in a single day. Costume changes will likely not take too long and if your makeup and hair stay mostly the same, you won’t have to redo it between sets.

Write out the details of what you want in each setup and how things should change from one to the next so that you can easily transition. Checking off each item on the list will put you at ease that nothing has been forgotten.

Visually Appealing Props

While you may be the central focus of the images, remember that your setting and your props will also add to the overall appeal of the images. Make sure that everything within the frame of the image is just as it should be and choose unique props that are visually appealing to add more interest to the photo.

If people realize that they are spending a little extra time looking at your profile, they are more likely to keep their subscription going month after month.

good equipment

2. Use Good Equipment

As you grow, invest some of your earnings into purchasing better equipment so that you can create better images. While starting out taking images with your smartphone is fine, nothing beats the quality you can get with professional-grade DSLR cameras. If you plan on creating videos, try to find a camera that will create decent videos.

If you are making the effort to set up scenes, dress yourself up, and organizing props, you should maximize the quality of every image you will take. Even if you choose to use a smartphone, you need to remember that they are not all created equally as far as cameras go. If you are in the market for one, do your research ahead of time to ensure you get a good one.

Use a Tripod

Regardless of the type of camera you use, find a tripod that can hold it steady while you take your photos. Keeping the camera still even when you don’t have to use long exposures will make sure that the images are as clear as possible.

Use a Microphone

If you are creating videos for your Onlyfans profile, it is a good idea to get a good microphone. In many cases, audio is just as important as your visual content. Don’t rely on your camera’s in-built microphone as they aren’t typically designed as well as a device specifically created to pick up sound.


3. Set Up Lighting

One of the most important aspects of any photography is lighting. Even the best thought-out images can look poor if the lighting is poor. While you may be able to fix some of your shadows or brightness levels in editing, you won’t be able to fix everything, and too many touch-ups could make the photo grainy or worse.

The lighting you use will depend on your overall shoot, your location, and what you ultimately want to achieve with the image. While some photoshoots may require multiple lights, others may benefit from a single key light or a ring light.

There are many guides online that cover how to set up your lighting in various different ways. It is important to understand these basic concepts because, without proper understanding, you won’t be able to achieve the right look even if you own expensive equipment.

Once you have mastered the basics, it is a good idea to try several different arrangements until you find something that looks crisp and professional. With time, the lighting aspect of your business will become easier and more intuitive.

take good images

4. Take Good Images

While anyone can point a camera at a subject and take a picture, it does take skill and effort to create a stunning photograph. If you are naturally creative, this process may come easier to you, but even if you struggle to make good art, you can greatly improve with some effort.

When looking at content that you enjoy, pause and reflect on what enhances the image overall. How does the lighting appear? How has the background been set up? What all is in focus? Learning what you appreciate about an image will help you determine your own personal style in the future.

Once you know the overall direction on where you want to take your images in the future, start researching those aspects of photography. Learn as much as you can about your camera (even if you are using a smartphone) and experiment with the different settings so that you have a good understanding of what they do (and how you can use them to take better images).

There are many YouTube channels and online courses that can get you started on your journey. That being said, taking a local class or joining a photography group or club could help you increase your skill at a much faster rate (even if you aren’t taking pictures of yourself for them).

Shoot in RAW

RAW is a file format that captures every piece of image data that the sensor captures. While other formats will compress the data, RAW will keep everything, allowing you to keep the full quality. Not only will DSLRs give you this setting, but many smartphones also offer it as a feature.

You should note that RAW images will take up a lot of space on your smartphone or memory card. Make sure to transfer them to a hard drive or the cloud for long-term storage to save space for future photoshoots.

Take Multiple Images

Do not be afraid to take multiple images. Fill up as many memory cards as you need. After taking a test shot (or two) to ensure that the lighting and setting are as you like it, go ham with taking additional images. Space is cheap… taking extra time to set everything up again to take more photos is less cheap.

Taking multiple images will give you more freedom to delete those that are mediocre at best so that you can publish those that will get your fans excited about coming back for more. It will also give you extra images that you can schedule for a later date, saving you time.

Make Sure to Have Fun

Don’t forget that the process is supposed to be fun. If you are not enjoying yourself, the images will reflect it. Make sure that you are comfortable and enjoying yourself so that the photos will reflect a side of you that your fans will want to see.

edit your image

5. Edit Your Images

The good news is that there are many editing apps for Onlyfans creators making the overall process easier than it has been in the past. If you have taken your images in batches, you can also edit them all at once as well, saving your time in the long run.

Here are a few things you should consider:

  1. Learn Your Apps Effects, Filters, and Presets

    Setting up presets for a series of images will allow you to quickly add adjustments and filters over everything in a particular set (if you wish). That way, you can make each image seem a little crisper even before you really start working on the nitty, gritty minor editing of each one. Many apps will allow you to save these presets, giving them unique names, so that you can use them over and over in the future.

  2. Set Up Hotkeys for Commonly Used Edits

    If you edit on a PC or laptop, consider taking the time to set up hotkeys for edits you use often. The more you edit (and use the hotkeys), the less time you will need to spend on each image in the future as the process will gradually become more natural.

  3. Watermark Your Content

    Unfortunately, some people will try to steal your Onlyfans content. While there is no way to completely ensure that this doesn’t happen, water-marking your content does help. There are several apps that help you do this, with built-in features that can quickly add the mark before you upload it to your profile. Onlyfans also offers this as a feature.

write copy

6. Write Copy and Schedule

After you have finished taking your images and scheduling them, you will need to upload them to the platform. Again, you can batch process this part of the process. Don’t release all the images at once. Instead, schedule your Onlyfans content to publish over the next few weeks, allowing you to not have to think about every step in the future.

Wait until a time where you feel especially creative to write out the copy that will accompany each image (or set of images). That way, you don’t have to sit with your device for hours trying to think of something clever to say.

Tease Your Content on Other Social Platforms

Save some of the images to tease your content on other social platforms. For instance, you can upload an image of your background to Instagram, making a comment about how you just completed a photo shoot in that space. While you can’t always mention Onlyfans on other platforms, do what you can within the terms of service to entice people to become your fan.

Don’t forget that any sort of work on social media is supposed to be fun. Nobody starts out a professional. The point is to continually improve your work and your overall content strategy over time. As you get better, you will likely receive more in tips and will be able to attract more subscribers.