How to Pin Comments on TikTok

How to Pin Comments on Tiktok

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Have you seen pinned comments on TikTok? Pinned comments are a special feature on TikTok wherein a specific comment remains at the top no matter how many new comments and likes come in. Pinned comment lets you say something important and show people what your account is about! If you are curious about how to pin comments on TikTok, here is an article for you.

TikTok has introduced pinned comments to help creators engage with their audience more, share content as a video clip and pin important information. Pinning a TikTok comment is easy, but if you’re unsure how to get started, follow the steps above. It also helps to get inspirations from creators who are already successfully using this feature on their videos. Although the comment you pinned may be deleted, don’t worry. You can always post another one! Thanks for reading!