Young woman recording herself dancing

Popular TikTok Dances

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Since the creation of TikTok, the platform has been a breeding ground for many dance trends that have taken the world by storm. When you scroll down through the videos on the app, it's most likely a routine now that you see dance challenges done differently by users. So out of all the viral choreographies featured on the app, which are the popular ones?

Trending dance on TikTok is just too many at this point and the popularity of these even goes beyond the app. Especially since many organize TikTok public dance competitions where many users in real life take part and have fun. This adds more to the exposure of the dances for the public to know.

And truth be told, many artists with their songs long for a nod from the TikTok community to be featured through a dance. And it’s actually a mutual benefit. Artists make the song and TikTok choreographers or users will never run out of ideas for dances to make. This all makes the app a great platform to show off one’s talent.