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Personal Branding

Before you ever launch your social profile, it is a good idea to plan out your intentions. After determining your niche, writing out your goals, and identifying your target audience, you will have a better understanding of how to build your brand to correctly represent your content, style, and purpose.


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The following workshop will combine written articles and thoughtful questions to get you going.


Actionable Advice

We give you examples and ideas on how you can set up your brand to match your purpose.


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Grab a cup of coffee and dig in or go at your own pace, returning whenever you have the time.

What Does it Mean to Build a Personal Brand?

Personal branding is about strategically showcasing your authentic self to your audience. It should be a true reflection of your interests, passions, values, and core values.

Creating a Person Brand Identity

Your personal brand should be consistent across every platform you use. Create content that complements each other and gives people value for following you in multiple places. Not only should your visual branding match, but your voice should be consistent wherever you create content.

There are three overall things you must do when creating your own personal brand; research, design, and initial postings. This course will cover all three in detail as well as provide additional resources for further learning.


As well as collaborating on and launching several projects, Luci has worked with dozens of influencers to brand and grow their platforms to monetization. She understands the importance of producing content that will appeal to your current audience as well as finding ways to outreach to others.

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Guide to Personal Branding

Our course on personal branding has been separated into three parts. Each section will help you target an essential aspect of setting up your personal brand.

Not only will market research help you discover a way to break into your niche, but it will also give you insight into your target audience.

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After market research, you can create and design your brand. You will need to name it, design a logo, and write your profile to attract a following.

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Once you have set up your brand, you will need to start posting content. Create quality posts from the first day and continue to learn and grow.

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Want to Learn More?

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