what does simp mean on tiktok

What Does ‘Simp’ Mean on TikTok?

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SIMP. You've probably heard this word on the internet a lot, especially on TikTok. There's even a whole trend of videos about it a couple of years back. If you have been called a simp, chances are you have a gut feeling that it's not meant positively. On the other hand, perhaps you're just curious what's the deal with this term.

Having admiration or infatuation for someone is normal. However, if this generosity and attentiveness have an ulterior motive, that can’t be considered a kind or respectful gesture anymore. It’s already called simping.

On the other hand, friendly behaviors don’t automatically qualify a person to be a simp. Rather, they might just be genuinely nice, and calling them a simp out of nowhere isn’t very flattering.

In the end, a healthy sense of self is like the antidote to simping. If you love yourself enough, you won’t play down yourself for the sake of someone else. Likewise, don’t think that just because you’re nice to someone doesn’t mean you’re already a subservient creature.

Simping isn’t worth it. Knowing your worth and respecting other people’s preferences are much better. In the long run, these will make you happier than you’ll ever be.