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What To Do If Your OnlyFans Content is Stolen

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Unfortunately, not everyone online will respect what it took to create your content. Some may steal it to share it with others who are not subbed to your account or upload it elsewhere to earn their own cash. While it can be difficult to track down your stolen content to have it removed, there are a few things you can do to stay safe on OnlyFans.

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1. Contact OnlyFans for DMCA Help

In the event that your OnlyFans content is stolen, contact their DMCA team as quickly as you can. The platform’s Terms of Service is very strict about redistributing content and they will help you recover your pirated content. 

You can email the team at [email protected] to get help going against platforms that are illegally displaying your images and videos. 

There are also companies that will scan other sites on the web frequently to search for your images and videos. You can employ one of these to help you track down stolen content so that you can create DMCA claims quickly before the images spread even further. Many of these companies will also process takedown notices for you. 

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2. Set a Trap for Your Subs

If your content is consistently getting stolen and redistributed elsewhere, it may be a good idea to figure out who is stealing it so that you can block them from your channel. Here is a way you can narrow down who may be stealing your content:

  1. Step 1

    Create several images that you can DM to your subs as a free gift. Keep track of which accounts received which images. 

  2. Step 2

    Wait until the content is uploaded illegally, then look to see which accounts received that image. 

  3. Step 3

    Narrow down the suspect list further by repeating the process until you find the pirate. 

  4. Step 4

    Ban the account from your OnlyFans and report them to the platform. 

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3. Protect Your OnlyFans Content

There are a few things you can do to protect your OnlyFans content even before it is stolen and uploaded elsewhere online. While some of these may be expensive, they may save you the headache of removing content on other sites or lost revenue from potential subs getting their hands on your content illegally. 

Here are a three things you can do:

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    OnlyFans has a way where you can automate a watermark, but unfortunately, there are currently ways that your subs can remove it easily. Instead, take the time to create or commission your own and place it in a place on the photo where it will be difficult to remove. 

    While a watermark won’t prevent people from sharing your work, it will be difficult for them to upload it as their own and it will give you credit for your work. When they do use it on websites, it will also be easier for you to make a claim due to your watermark being on the image or video.

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    When your watermark, logo, or username are trademarked, it is much easier to get stolen content removed from other image and video sites. While it initially costs money to have it trademarked with the US Patent and Trademark office, the future benefits are immense as it will save you time and money down the road. It is easier to fight piracy with trademarked content than it is to work through DMCA routes alone. 

    Get professional help when setting up your trademark. The process can be tricky and you don’t want to have to pay filing expenses several times before you get the results you need. 

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    When compared to the time it takes to create content, you can copyright it quickly. When you properly copyright your content, pirates will see that you are serious about protecting your work and they are likely to look for someone else to steal content from. 

Understand going into OnlyFans that just as people will steal content from other sites, some of your subs will redistribute your images and photos to their friends and other forums. Once it is shared, there is no way to 100% get it back as people can download it to their hardware and save it, but there are ways you can combat it being shared on larger platforms. Take measures to stay safe on OnlyFans by protecting yourself and your content.