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TikTok Slang, Lingo, and Abbreviations

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Depending on where you come from, some slang and abbreviations may fly right over your head. One of the most popular apps right now is TikTok and it has its own unique culture. The language they use can be confusing for those who aren't in the know.

This blog will look at some of the slang, ling, and abbreviations that can be used on TikTok.

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TikTok Lingo

  1. Alt TikTok

    “Alt TikTok” is referring to meme-y creators who create unique “alternative” content. The term is used as the name of the genre.

  2. And that’s on …

    Occasionally, a TikTok creator may use the phrase “and that’s on …” at the end of a video. This is used in a “conclusion” sort of way to summarize what was said in the rest of the video.

  3. CEO of …

    Saying “I’m the CEO of … ” is basically saying they are the “best of” something. Occasionally, they may seriously be the CEO (or Chief Executive Officer) of a business, but it is normally used in a tongue-in-cheek way. On TikTok, it is usually used in a self-degrading humor sort of way, such as, “I’m the CEO of failing math class.”

  4. Check

    On TikTok, saying “Check” is usually short for the phrase “Check it out.” It is usually used after the description of what the creator wants you to check out in their video.

  5. DC

    DC is an anagram for “Dance Credit.” When used, the creator is giving credit to the original TikTok user who created the challenge or the dance. It is similar to IB.

  6. DNI

    DNI is an acronym for “Do Not Interact.” The term is often used online by people who create and share NSFW content that is not for minors under 18 years old. The acronym is basically there to ward off minors because they will not interact with them. It is also used by people who don’t want to see or share certain categories.

  7. Duet

    Duets on TikTok are a unique way for people to collaborate with each other. When the term is used, people are either dueting with someone or asking people to duet with them.

  8. Extra

    The term “extra” on TikTok is often used when someone is being overly dramatic or “over the top.” When people are acting like that, they are often referred to as “extra.”

  9. Fire

    While fire can be destructive in real life, the word “Fire” on TikTok is used as slang to describe something awesome. For example, you could say, “At the concert, it is fire!” Similarly, you could use the word “lit,” which has the same meaning on the platform.

  10. Fit

    While you may think the word “fit” may be describing someone who has continually worked out or something that “fits” together (such a puzzle), you would be wrong… at least on TikTok. On the platform, “fit” is synonymous with “outfit.” It is used as slang when referring to the ensemble someone is wearing, such as “This fit only cost me $30 at the local thrift shop.”

  11. Finna

    The word “Finna” is used instead of the words “fixing to” or “going to.” While the term didn’t originate on the platform and is a Southern saying, the term has been popularized on the platform. Proper usage of the term may include, “I’m finna take a nap now.”

  12. Flex

    While this term’s usage didn’t originate on TikTok, it is often used on the platform. “Flex” is used as a way to brag about something. It could be used seriously or in jest. Others will often use something like, “Weird flex, but you do you,” as a reply to someone else saying they are good at something strange or unusual.

  13. FYP

    FYP is an acronym for “For Your Page.” It is used on TikTok to describe the page you see when you log on to TikTok that is full of random videos that are popular or viral at the time.

  14. Glow Up

    Unlike many social slangs, “Glow up” is one that is a bit more positive. It is used when some seem to grow in an amazing way, either by learning a new skill or by getting through puberty.


    If someone calls you a “Heather,” they are likely saying that they think you are beautiful and that they wish they could be like you. In the past, however, the term was used negatively (based on a movie from the 80s where Heathers were mean girls), so you may have to take the term in context depending on who says it.

  16. High-Key

    The term “high-key” is generally used to describe someone who wants to do something and get recognition for it. They want people to notice their hard work or their skill.

  17. IB

    The term “IB” is an acronym on TikTok for the term, “Inspired by.” It is generally used in a way that the creator can credit another account with giving them the idea for the content. It is similar to DC.

  18. Karen

    When people talk about “Karen,” they aren’t talking about a specific person. Rather, they are talking about a persona who is generally a middle-aged woman who is blonde, has a short haircut, thinks of herself highly, and wants to put her nose into things that aren’t her business. She is the type of person who would complain about anything and wants to talk to the manager about ridiculous things. When people call someone else a Karen, they are typically pointing out that the person is being petty.

  19. Lives in My Mind Rent-Free

    When someone uses the phrase, “lives in my mind rent-free” it means that the TikTok video will stay in their head. This could either be a good or a bad thing depending on the context.

  20. Lit

    Similar to “Fire,” you can use the word “lit” when something is exciting or really good.

  21. Low-key

    “Low-key” is the opposite form of the term “high-key.” It is generally used to describe someone who wants to do something and not get recognition for it. They want to just fly under the radar.

  22. Moots (Mutuals)

    The term moots is a term for “mutuals” meaning people who the creator follows who follow them back on TikTok.

  23. No cap

    The term “no cap” is another word for “no lie.” It originates from the song “No Mentions,” by Young Boy Never Broke Again. The word “cap” is synonymous with the word “lie” in this usage. Therefore, if someone says that they aren’t capping, they mean to say that they aren’t lying.

  24. OOMF

    The acronym OOMF stands for “one of my followers.” It is used to describe exactly what it sounds like when someone is referring to someone who is one of their followers. It is often used as both TikTok and Twitter slang.

  25. PFP

    The acronym PFP stands for “profile picture.” It is used to describe exactly what it sounds like.

  26. POV

    The acronym POV stands for “point of view.” It is generally used when people are being asked to watch a video from their own perspective.

  27. Ratio

    If you make a comment on a TikTok video and you get more replies than likes, you just got “ratioed.” This typically means that you struck a nerve and people are not happy with you. Unless you are a troll, this is not generally the desired outcome.

  28. SIMP

    Simp is a term that is used on many social platforms to describe a man who will bend over backward to get a woman’s attention. It was originally used for guys who were trying to get sex or a relationship in exchange for their actions, but it is not used as a term for “having a crush” on someone, usually a celebrity or someone out of their league.

  29. Shadowbanned

    If you are shadowbanned, it means that TikTok has decided to no longer show your content in searches. The platform generally won’t tell you. Most creators realize this when their views drop. It is a term used on many social platforms.

  30. Shifting

    If someone on TikTok says they are “shifting,” they are training their mind to shift into a “new reality.” The trend was started on Reddit and it seems to be a form of mediation and lucid dreaming.

  31. Slay

    The term “slay” is actually slanging from the original slang, “killed it.” It means that someone did an incredibly good job at doing something.

  32. Tea

    If someone says they are going to “spill the tea,” they aren’t talking about pouring hot liquid on the desk (probably). Instead, the term is generally used for gossip. “Spilling the tea” means that someone is going to dish out some juicy gossip while others will “sip the tea” by drinking up the details.

  33. Yeet

    Yeet is a term that is used when someone is excited. It is similar to screaming “woo-hoo” or “yay!” It can also be used as a term about something being thrown. For example, “Geoff yeeted the plate at the wall,” would mean he threw the plate at the wall.

  34. XYZBCA

    Used as #xyzbca, this term means nothing other than just sorting content into a popular hashtag that is often searched for or seen.

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TikTok Emoji Meanings

  1. 🧠 Brain Emoji

    The brain emoji has nothing to do with knowledge when it is used on TikTok. Instead, it is in reference to “giving brain” or “giving head,” an NSFW meaning. This is due to a viral TikTok that explained that doctors could tell if people had oral sex by looking at the roofs of mouths.

  2. ⚰️ 😭 💀 Dead Emoji

    If you see one of the above emoji, it will typically indicate that something was so funny that the user who posted the emoji died laughing. (Obviously, they didn’t actually die… as they were able to post the emoji.)

  3. 👉 👈 Fingers Touching Emoji

    If you see this pair of emoji, it is typically indicating that someone is hesitating when asking a question or feeling shy.

  4. 🎣 Fishing Emoji

    If someone uses the fishing-pole emoji, this usually means that they believe that the creator who posted the TikTok is trying to fish for compliments.

  5. ⌛ Hourglass Emoji

    Some users will post an hourglass emoji on videos where the content creator appears to have an hourglass figure.

  6. ✍️ Writing Emoji

    Is someone uses thee handwriting emoji, it means they are “taking notes” on the video.

TikTok is a social media that is taking the world by storm. It’s a video platform that is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, it has surpassed Facebook for users under 25 years old. One of the reasons for its popularity is the lingo that is used that is unique to the app. The above will help you understand the culture a little more.