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53 Creative TikTok Ideas – Video Suggestions to Get More Views

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TikTok is a social media app that has taken the world by storm. With an overwhelming amount of content, TikTok users often find it difficult to stand out on this platform.

What type of video do you think gets the most views on TikTok? 

If you guessed comedy, dance, or lip sync videos then you are right! These types of videos are some of the most popular ones on the platform. You can also find beauty tutorials and many other different types of content uploaded to TikTok every day. 

TikTok users often find it difficult to stand out however, there are many creative ways that you can use TikTok to gain more followers and likes. I have gathered a list of some creative TikTok video ideas that will help your profile get more views! 

  1. Create an epic battle between two fictional characters

    Make a video in which two characters from different movies or books come to life and start fighting each other. A good example would be Frodo vs. Harry Potter or Wonderwoman vs. Captain America.

  2. Make up new lyrics to one of your favorite songs and sing it

    People love to hear people sing songs they know but in a different way. If you’re talented, this is an excellent video idea that will be sure to do well, even more so if the unique lyrics are funny.

  3. Show your daily Routine

    This is a very popular format for Tiktok videos. If you are doing something interesting every day, why not show it to your followers on TikTok? These types of videos are always fun to watch and they will get consistent, loyal viewers who tune in regularly to see what you are up to.

  4. Make pancakes in the shape of a celebrity face

    Everyone loves pancakes and as long as you can make them well, this is a fantastic TikTok idea. All you need to do is film yourself pan or frying some batter in the shape of a face before turning it into a pancake. If it looks kind of like a face but still terrible you have a very funny Tiktok on your hands.

  5. Make a mask of your pet’s face

    Everyone loves animals and they’ll be sure to watch a video where a cute little puppy reacts to seeing a human wearing a mask that looks like them. It will be even funnier if a dog reacts and barks or wants to play with you while you’re wearing it.

  6. Dancing on public property

    People love to watch daredevil videos where people do dangerous things that can get them into trouble. Put on an epic music track and start dancing on top of a car, the subway, or somewhere else that is not yours. It’s guaranteed to go viral if you set it up well.

  7. Lip-sync + add music

    Everyone loves a good lip sync battle but why not take it one step further? Instead of recording your voice add a song that is trending that people are listening to. Lip syncing a song is a much less intimidating way to perform compared to singing in front of others. If you’re feeling insecure about your voice, this is the perfect option for you! If you’re not sure check out a few other popular Tiktok creators and see which songs they are using the most.

  8. House cleaning hacks

    By sharing some of your ways to make cleaning more efficient you’ll increase the likelihood of people following your Tiktok videos. House cleaning doesn’t have to be dull and tedious! Get creative with it.

  9. How to do makeup for prom night

    Prom night is the most important night of some girls’ lives. Have them film themselves doing their makeup to help get them motivated! This can be sped up after filming, but keep it at normal speed for the first half of the video.

  10. How to make tie-dye shirts

    Tie-dye shirts are popular and this video is sure to go viral if you can teach people how to do it uniquely. This would be best for Tiktok since the process can take hours and the video can be sped up. Make sure to show off wearing it at the end.

  11. Tell a story

    This is one of the most creative ways to use TikTok! You can share a story through pictures, videos, and even a combination of both. It’s a fun way to keep your followers entertained and engaged.

  12. Create a DIY video

    Showing others how to make things is always interesting. People love seeing how things are created so you can film a long process and time-lapse it to fit into a short engaging TikTok.

  13. Recite an inspirational quote or poem

    Instead of doing a typical video, why not do something different like reciting an inspirational quote or poem in front of the camera? Videos don’t always have to be exciting or funny, some of the most memorable and lasting Tiktoks are the ones that make an audience feel something.

  14. Sing along to music on your car radio

    Singing along with music in your care is a fun idea that everyone can relate to. Instead of filming on the road or in a parking lot, film yourself singing along to your favorite song on your car radio!

  15. Demonstrate how to do something

    This can be anything from showing people how to tie their shoes the proper way or how to do an eye makeup tutorial. No matter what it is that you want to teach others about, you will get views simply by demonstrating how it is done.

  16. Sing at home karaoke-style

    Set up a camera and sing your heart out in the comfort of your own home! No need to worry about sound quality or how you look. If you’re a great singer the video is going to get views and if you’re not a good singer you could get even more. Tiktok is all about entertainment after all. Unlike the lip-syncing videos, karaoke is far more personal and authentic.

  17. Interact with People on Socials

    Make a video about social media posts on Facebook or Instagram and funny or infuriating reactions. Have a friend who is always saying strange things? Make a compilation video and upload it to Tiktok.

  18. Show how to make a sandwich

    This may seem like a silly video idea, but people love watching others make sandwiches! You can make use of delicious, complex ingredients for a delicious result or purposely make strange, gross ones. Maybe a family member has a favorite type that is a little odd that is worthy of a Tiktok.

  19. Talk about random things

    It doesn’t always have to be about what you are doing or who you are with. Sometimes it’s nice to chill and talk about nothing in particular with no direction. People enjoy watching others ramble on aimlessly now and then!

  20. Do something ridiculous

    Get yourself a silly wig, wear your craziest clothes, put on some goofy glasses, or get into a character altogether.

  21. Teach the history of rap music

    This is a more complicated, time-consuming type of Tiktok and will require a lot of research. Viewers love to learn new things so try covering a video or make a series about the most influential rappers in the last few decades. You can explore the impact they have had on the music scene and also use their songs are your background music.

  22. What color is this dress/shirt

    If you own a clothing item that looks a different color depending on the angle of the photo or the lighting it makes a great talking point. Getting viewers to argue over the content of your video means they are watching it multiple times and the comments push the Tiktok to be seen by more people.

  23. Teach singing lessons

    Singing is becoming an increasingly popular pastime and many people want to get better at it. Whether you’re a professional vocalist or not, everyone can benefit from having their singing improved. You could give lessons via Tiktok and maybe viewers will love it.

  24. Speed cleaning your room

    Cleaning is an everyday part of life for most people. There are so many ways to do it! Using Tiktok viewers might learn something that they didn’t know before or they’ll get some inspiration to clean their room too! Speed cleaning videos are therapeutic to watch.

  25. React to other Tiktok videos

    Viewers don’t only want to watch their favorite creators, they also love searching through new channels and seeing reaction videos. This works extra well for Tiktoks that are controversial or have a cringe factor because people want to watch an honest reaction.

  26. Make Tips on how not to get sick

    Lots of people will be trying to avoid getting sick over winter so this is a good time to upload a Tiktok about how one can stay healthy. This is also a helpful video for those who have already gotten sick and want to recover as quickly as possible!

  27. Teach cooking with simple ingredients

    Why would people watch such Tiktok videos? Well, making food is an art form. It can be so delicious and even though everyone knows the basics there are always ways to improve it. With cooking, you’re limited only by your imagination!

  28. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a candy?

    This may seem like a silly question to ask, but it has been going around the internet. Viewers will love to see how many licks it takes for you to reach the center of your favorite type of candy! Be sure to take a video from all angles so everyone can have their own opinion on how long it takes. Make people guess then speed up the footage so viewers stay watching until the very end.

  29. Try on old school clothes

    Get out some old clothes from high school or college, put them on, then take selfies in different poses until you get bored.

  30. How to make a paper airplane

    This is a classic video that has been on YouTube for years. Viewers will love to see you making a paper airplane and, after the film cuts off, seeing it fly. The process can be sped up and seeing it fly will keep viewers watching until the very helping the retention.

  31. DIY slime recipe

    This is a popular trend at the moment and lots of people want to try it out for themselves. People love clicking on DIY videos and slime is great entertainment. Especially if you end the video by throwing it at someone.

  32. Make your own lip gloss

    Lip gloss is a fun cosmetic that everyone wants to try. Show your audience how it’s made and make sure you’ve filmed multiple views of the lips so they can see what the finished product looks like up close and from afar.

  33. How to make paper flowers

    No matter the time of year, paper flowers may be a good way to add some color and cheerfulness to your room. People love learning how things are made so teach them how you do it!

  34. How to tie a bowtie

    Men, chances are you’ve seen other men struggle to tie a bowtie before. Show them how it’s done so they don’t embarrass themselves at their next important business meeting or school dance.

  35. DIY room decor

    There are some great DIY videos for room decoration on YouTube, but you can easily film your own and show everyone how it’s done. Speed it up then revert to normal speed at the end of the video to showcase the finished product.

  36. The best way to curl your hair

    For women, this is a must-see video that has a really good chance to go viral. Girls all over the world would love a tutorial on how to curl their hair and uploads like this one are sure to get tons of views.

  37. Make a video of yourself using a ketchup bottle as if it were lipstick

    People see this kind of video and they wonder, “how did they think of that?” It’s sure to be entertaining. You can make it as long or short as you’d like; you don’t even have to show the finished product!

  38. Pretend to be talking on the phone with your pet

    Everyone loves to see a person talking on the phone with an animal. It’s up to you if you want to show your face or not, but people love seeing pets talk back as well as human-to-animal conversation.

  39. Sew a stuffed animal

    Lots of people have favorite stuffed animals from their childhood and they’d love to see somebody recreate them. If you’re good with a needle and thread, create a new stuffed animal and showcase it to your viewers.

  40. Make fashion accessories

    This is best for people who are very creative and have lots of fashion accessories to spare. Make a wide variety and show your viewers how you made them.

  41. Make DIY bubblegum

    This can be a fun video to film as it’s full of color and will stand out. Find a good recipe and make your bubblegum. At the end showcase the finished product by blowing bubbles.

  42. Tips for making the best Tiktok videos

    Had a few successful videos in the past? Show viewers how you got the best footage to make sure they’re not doing something wrong. This can be a must-have video for people who are new to Tiktok and don’t know how to film well yet.

  43. Record yourself singing in the shower without anyone seeing you

    Are you a good singer? Show your audience what you can do! Make sure there’s some good sound quality so people can hear the lyrics.

  44. Fake meeting celebrities

    This idea is best for very creative people. Pretend you’re having a meeting with one of your favorite celebrities and ask them questions about their latest work. Try putting on a wig or a fake accent to make it even more entertaining.

  45. Record yourself performing an original song

    This is best for people who are aspiring musicians. Show the world what you can do without help from anyone else in the music industry. Make sure to film yourself in front of a plain background so all eyes will be on you and your talent.

  46. Pretend to be a tourist in your own city

    This can be a very funny video as you make a tourist out of yourself. Do things the real way and film your day from the eye of a first-time tourist. You could also visit boring or dull places pretending to be excited about them.

  47. Answer questions about your hometown

    Traveling is something that many people love to watch on TikTok. Film yourself answering questions about your hometown, the sights you see every day, and what it’s like living there. It will be especially fun if you get creative with it. The more honest your answers the better.

  48. Rap a super-fast, difficult song

    If your audience likes music and they like rap then this is always a solid video idea. People love talent and those who can rap really fast are always a hit. Just make sure to do it well and not lip-sync.

  49. Create a pretend movie trailer

    Imagine if your favorite movie were remade and it starred an unknown actor? Show everyone what you think the plot of that movie would be like. You could also make a Tiktok where your friends show their skills by acting out a scene from an old film.

  50. Smash expensive items

    Everyone loves watching videos where objects such as statues or other kinds of property are destroyed. You could do something like taking a hammer to an old coin, destroying something expensive to your own liking. Just make sure it’s believable and not harmful to other people, their property, or any animals.

  51. Make a video where you try on your parent’s clothes

    Everyone loves watching videos of people trying on old clothes. In this video, you can make fun of your parents’ style and how different it is from yours. Be sure to wear the clothes well and not appear too creepy in front of the camera or you might scare some viewers away.

  52. Spoofing/parodying well-known movie scenes from movies

    There are so many movies out there that it’s always a good idea to spoof an iconic scene from something popular. You can film yourself reenacting it with friends or just play all the rolls yourself with multiple takes edited together.

  53. Act like people you meet are celebrities

    Everyone loves selfies and having a photo with someone who is famous or important to them only makes the experience more memorable. You could also film yourself asking for autographs from strangers on the street as long as they’re not being harassed by you.

The truth is, there are a lot of people out there who have great ideas for TikTok videos. This post has attempted to give you some new and exciting idea starters so that you can come up with your creative content. You might also want to consider collaborating with other creators as well since it will help both of you grow in followers and views. 

One last thing – if all else fails, just do what feels right! Creating a video should be fun after all. Enjoy yourself, be creative, and good luck!