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What Does “Clear Cache” Mean on Tiktok?

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Have you heard the word “clear cache”? Or do you know what it means to clear the cache on the TikTok app? Perhaps, you have heard friends talking about it, or maybe you have seen posts online discussing it. However, you may still be confused and wonder what it means to cached data.

If you want to understand better what it means and why people even bother clear TikTok cache. Then, this article is for you. 

Tiktok Cache Files

What are the TikTok Cache Files?

Before discussing the meaning of “clear cache” on Tiktok, first, let’s talk about what caches are.

Caches are temporary files that your phone creates and collects when you use an app or some kind of content. These files help speed up the process of loading various apps and web on your device, but sometimes these caches can get pretty big and slow down your phone or device. When it comes to Tiktok, the app’s cache is responsible for storing some TikTok media you have viewed on the app. They help provide faster viewing of TikTok videos in your feed.

Tiktok app cache files also help improve the performance of the app by making it run faster. Still, confused? Let’s take a look at these examples to clear things up:

Say you are scrolling through your feed on TikTok, and you’re watching videos of your friends. Then the TikTok app will ask if you want to play it or keep scrolling on. You tap to play, but instead of immediately playing the video, the screen goes black for a few seconds because TikTok is loading the video. The wait time you experience is due to the app’s cache, which takes up time and resources on your device to load media files.

Caches are important for fast search and access, but sometimes they can negatively impact your android or iPhone performance if they are too big. That’s where “clear cache” comes in. If you clear your cache it will help you reduce the files stored in your android device, speed up the app, and make it work better.

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How to Clear Your TikTok Cache

If you have ever wondered how to clear TikTok cache, the process is quite simple.

Here is a step by step guide for you on how to clear your cache:

  1. Step 1:

    The first step is to open your Settings icon on your device.

  2. Step 2:

    Scroll down, and on the settings menu, you will find an option that says “Apps” or “Application Manager.”

  3. Step 3:

    Under this, search “TikTok” from the list of apps.

  4. Step 4:

    Tap “Storage” and then tap “Clear Cache”.

  5. Step 5:

    The app will clear your cache of all TikTok videos that you watch.

The next time your TikTok profile page takes longer to load more videos since the app has to rebuild your media library from scratch. However, after that initial loading period, the app should return to its usual speed and performance. If you want to permanently delete specific TikTok caches without clearing your whole cache, here’s what to do:

Navigate back to the “Tiktok” option in the settings and tap “Clear Cache” under each of these sections:

  • “All Videos You Have Watched”
  • “Media You Have Uploaded to TikTok”
  • “Media That You Have Download from TikTok.”

This would delete just the related TikTok videos from your device instead of all of them.

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What Happens When You Clear Your TikTok Cache

Now that you have a better sense of what cache is let’s look at how the “clear cache” feature works on TikTok.

Here’s what will happen after you clear your cache:

  1. Tiktok Feed Will Be Wiped Out

    After you clear the TikTok caches, your feed will be wiped out, and all media, image stored within it will be removed.

    This might make most people freak out since they do not want to lose anything. However, don’t worry, this does not result in losing any of your TikTok accounts, personal information, data, or videos.

    It simply means that your feed or viewing history will be clean and clear after you remove the cache.

  2. Your Feed Will Load and Search Faster

    Since TikTok has to start from scratch with its cache removal, the app should run much faster. This is good news for TikTok users who have experienced lag on the app before.

    The app should be faster even if you are using cellular data after it rebuilds your media library using the recently purged cache data.

  3. TikTok Videos Will Be Smaller in File Size

    Since your TikTok videos are no longer stored twice (i.e., once in the cache and again when you watched or liked videos ), they will be much smaller in file size.

    This can be helpful if you often run out of storage space on your device since there is less to load, providing extra space for you.

  4. Cached Videos Is Not Permanently Deleted

    A common misconception is that the stored or liked videos will be deleted if you remove your caches on the app. The truth is, only cached videos themselves will be removed – the cache storage space within your device will remain intact until permanently deleting or clearing it yourself.

    In other words, every time you watch your favorite videos on the app, the data will be copied locally to your device and not be stored in the cache.

    If you already have cached videos of this TikTok video on your device before watching it, then they will remain there even after you delete your cache.

  5. No More Low Storage Warning

    One benefit of clearing the cache of the app is, since all cached videos are removed, your device will no longer be pushed to storage limits. This will result in free space and a smoother experience overall.

    Overall, if you clear the cache on TikTok, your viewing history experience should be much smoother, and less bogged down.

  6. Improve Device Scalability and Functionality

    Lastly, another benefit of clearing the cache on TikTok is that it helps improve device scalability and functionality. When your device’s storage space is overtaxed with cached video files, you will notice some lag as a result.

    This can affect everything from how smoothly apps load to how well photos and videos render on your camera roll. If you want to improve the performance of your device, removing your TikTok caches is a simple and quick way to do so.

    In addition to providing enough space on mobile phones, clearing cache on Tiktok can reset your app to its default state. For example, if you delete some TikTok media or data by accident, removing the cache will help retrieve it back instead of losing them permanently.

    If you are concerned about how much data this action consumes, then note that removing the TikTok cache does not delete any personal files or data on your device.

By clearing the cache on TikTok, you can enjoy a faster app performance. This will allow you to free up space on your device while also getting rid of any minor, log, bugs that may have affected your experience in the past. Feel free to clear TikTok cache yourself and eliminate any problematic content on your device!