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Who Blocked Me on Twitter? How to Find Out

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Twitter provides the option for anyone to block other users as a way to restrict accounts from their profile and control who has access to the content they post. Unfortunately, it does not provide a list of the people who blocked you. Neither it notifies who is being blocked about it. However, if you are suspecting someone is keeping you out, there is an easy way to verify it!

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How to See Who Blocked You on Twitter

To see who blocked you on Twitter, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Step 1

    Log in to your Twitter account.

  2. Step 2

    Go to the profile of the person that might be blocking you using the options below:

    • Type their Twitter handle on the search bar on top of the page. If their account is public, the username will show as a result. 
    • If you don’t remember their exact username, you can try looking for their real name on the search bar. Also, if their account is private, you can try checking recent tweets that mention the profile.
    • In case you haven’t yet found the profile you are looking for, you can scroll through a mutual friend’s follower list. Click “followers” on your friend’s profile and scroll down until you find the suspect.
  3. Step 3

    Open the person’s profile by clicking their picture or name. 

In this case, you can’t interact or see this person’s tweets, unless they directly mention you using your Twitter Handle. Check the section below to see what happens when someone blocks you.

Is the follow button available, but you don’t remember unfollowing this particular account? It could mean that you have been removed as a follower. Influencers and other accounts can remove followers on Twitter through a few short steps.

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What Happens When You’re Blocked on Twitter

When someone blocks you on Twitter, the platform makes sure they won’t bump into you in any way possible when using the website. Being blocked means:

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    No Following

    You can’t follow or be followed by the account that blocked you. However, they can still see your tweets by accessing your profile. In case you want to keep them out, make sure to block them back.

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    No Notifications

    They won’t be notified if you mention them when tweeting.

  • Invisible Conversation

    If both accounts are part of a conversation with a third user, you won’t be able to see each other’s responses.

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    Blocked Retweets

    When a mutual friend retweets something you posted, who blocked you won’t see the retweet on their Twitter feed.

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    No Content

    You won’t be able to see their tweets, even if you access their profile.

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    No Messages

    Neither of you can send Direct Messages to each other 

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    Blocked Tagging

    You can no longer tag the person who blocked you in pictures.

Remember that blocking someone on Twitter is a discrete activity. You won’t be notified if someone blocks you and the only way to find out is to visit their profile. 

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Find Out How Many People Blocked You on Twitter

Before Twitter updated its Programming Interface, many apps could run data on your profile to find out exactly how many people blocked you and who they were. Although you can no longer find a list of the people who blocked you, you can still see the numbers using a tool called Blolook.

To use it, go to their website and click “Log in with Twitter” to start. You will be redirected to Twitter to authorize the app. Once logged in, check the “Your account” tab to see how many people you are blocking and how many blocked you. 

Keep in mind that only profiles that use the tool are taken into account. However, over two million Twitter users have been logged to Blolook and there is a considerable chance your followers are using it as well.

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Common Reasons to Be Blocked on Twitter

Have you found out someone is blocking you? Engaging in some negative behaviors on the platform might make other users block, mute, or unfollow you. While the latter options are not as extreme as blocking, to lose grasp on Twitter in any way can be detrimental to your reach on the platform. If you mean to prevent being blocked or you’re wondering why it happened, check below for common reasons to be silenced on Twitter:

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    Offensive Content

    Posting negative, aggressive or harassing content is a very plausible reason for someone to be blocked. If you are an influencer, make sure your feed is a positive space. Avoid being aggressive towards other users and try your best no to get into unnecessary arguments.

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    Syncing with some apps and tools might allow software to post on your behalf, resulting in automated tweets that are empty of relevant content. Keep your follower’s feed free of spam and make sure your posts are all real.

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    Follow-unfollow Routine

    Some users massively follow accounts and then proceed to unfollow them as a way to get follow backs. While possibly leading to a slight increase in your follower’s count, doing that might be considered shady and unprofessional to most Twitter users. Grow your profile by posting relevant and consistent content and only following accounts you actually wish to keep up with.

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    While Twitter lets you post up to 2400 tweets a day, it doesn’t mean you should take this number as a goal. Posting too often can flood your followers’ feed and make them tired of you. Be mindful of what you are posting and avoid repetitive or meaningless tweets.

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    Seemingly-fake Profile

    Having an incomplete account can make people think your profile is fake. To prevent it, make sure you have a profile picture other than the default egg-head: take the time to pick a nice photo of you or something that represents your brand. Additionally, take some time to write a short and informational bio that tells people who you are.

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    Excessive Promoting

    If you are only using Twitter as a way to promote your accounts on other Instagram or Youtube, you might be losing followers. If tweeting is not your thing, leave it aside and dedicate your time to your other platforms. When using Twitter, focus on entertaining the users that actually appreciate the platform instead of just talking about other websites.

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    Personal Differences

    Not every block or unfollow is related to what you’re posting. Someone might block you based on personal choices and differences. For example, a colleague that knows you from work might not want you to see what they are tweeting in their free time. Alternatively, an ex could want to cut the online bond and have some privacy after a breakup. Remember, every user is also a human being!