Can You See Who Has Viewed You on TikTok

Can You See Who Has Viewed Your TikTok?

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Is TikTok able to determine who has viewed your Tiktok profile? When TikTok launched, it included a feature that allowed TikTok users to find out who had viewed their profile. However, this is no longer the case. Unlike Snapchat or Instagram's Stories which allow users to see who viewed their videos, TikTok does not provide its users with such a feature; instead, it simply shows how many times each video is being viewed. This implies that, while you can't see who is your video viewer, your viewing habits are also hidden.

12Using TikTok analytics to analyze which videos are the most popular is an excellent approach to figure out what content your audience wants. Whether it’s funny sketches from your day-to-day life or TikTok photography tips, you can get them in front of the right audience, increasing engagement and ultimately increasing revenue. Then you can finally see who your followers are and how long they stay engaged with your content.