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Who Viewed My Twitter Profile in 2021?

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It is only natural to wonder who’s been looking at your profile on social media. If you’re a casual Twitter user or an aspiring influencer, you might have caught yourself wondering who’s interested in your profile and what makes you stand out on the platform.

Twitter users cannot see who views their profile or posts. While some apps and browser extensions promise to tell you who visited your account, it is not possible to know who sees your Twitter profile or posts. The only real way of knowing if someone has seen your account or one of your posts is if they engage with you in some way.

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Apps to See Who Views Your Twitter

There are several apps or extensions that claim that it will allow you to see who viewed your Twitter profile. Unfortunately, all of these are fake. You will often see them as an ad or when searching online, but don’t buy into their trap.

Why do they claim to help without doing so? There are several scammers on the internet who love to collect data. Either they want to sell your information to a third-party or steal it for their own use. Either way, you won’t get what you are looking for and will probably end up with a lot of spam or the headache of having to change all your passwords.

There are a couple of extensions that will allow you to see if people have viewed your account, but they must also have the extension installed and be active users with it. In the end, the headache isn’t worth knowing the minimal data you may be able to collect through it.

Twitter’s algorithm makes it impossible for bots or third-parties to collect the data necessary to provide this as a service. That being said, Twitter doesn’t keep you totally in the dark: the platform provides an official Analytics tool that allows you to learn how impactful your content is and how people interact with your profile and tweets. So, stay clear of useless apps and learn now how to use Analytics in your favor!

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What Can You See with Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics measures your impact on the platform by examining all of your Twitter engagement and activity over time. Sorting by months, you can view your progress and data, including:

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    Looking at the performance of your top Tweets and mentions will help you see what type of content does the best so that you can double-down on what’s working. Gradually adjusting your strategies based on your top performing posts will extend your reach over time.

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    Twitter will let you know how many people saw your Tweets or “Twitter impressions.” Knowing this will help you understand how you posts are being seen. Typically, those with more engagement will be seen by a broader range of people.

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    While you can’t find out the identities of these people, Twitter will tell you how many people visited your profile from a Tweet. If your goal is to grow your followers, it is a good idea to continue to post Tweets that get this specific type of engagement.

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    Twitter’s analytics will also tell you how many followers you have gained or lost. While fluctuation in these numbers are normal from day to day, look for large spikes in either direction to figure out what events are greatly affecting your followers.

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    Twitter also tracks how active you have been on their platform and when. You can compare these data points to any of the above data to find more information on how things are affected.

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How to Access Twitter Analytics

To start using Twitter Analytics, sign in with your Twitter Account at the Twitter Analytics home page.

  1. Home Dashboard

    You’ll be greeted by your Home Dashboard when you open Twitter Analytics. Here, you’ll see your Tweet Highlights for each month, including:

    • Your top Tweet of the month;
    • Your top Mention;
    • Your top Follower of the month.

    By clicking “View Tweet activity”, you can learn the stats of each Tweet individually.

    You will also see, next to your Highlights, additional Twitter information for the selected month, such as:

    • How many Tweets you sent;
    • How many impressions your Tweets had, i.e. how many people saw your Tweets;
    • How many visits your profile got in that month;
    • How many times you’ve been mentioned by other accounts;
    • How many followers you gained that month.
  2. Tweet Activity Dashboard

    This dashboard, accessible by clicking “Tweets” on the top of the page, shows you how your Tweets, organic or promoted, performed over a specific time-frame.

    The presented graph displays day-by-day impressions over the selected time frame. Here, on the right side of the screen, you’ll see your Twitter engagement rates: how many clicks, likes, replies, and Retweets you gained on average per day. You can adjust dates using the calendar button on the upper-right corner. 

  3. more

    By clicking the “More” tab on the top of the screen, you can access the Videos and Conversion tracking options in Twitter Analytics.

    The “Videos” dashboard is quite similar to the main dashboard, but displaying information only for videos published using Twitter Media Studio or Twitter Ads. This tool is useful if you’re used to posting videos on Twitter and shows you:

    • Number of video views;
    • Video completion rate (how many users watched videos until the end);
    • Total time of videos viewed;
    • Video retention (how much of videos users are watching).

    Meanwhile, the “Conversion tracking” dashboard is destined for brands that are using Twitter advertising, showing how many actions are being performed from an advertised Tweet, such as installs, sign-ups, or purchases. 

    Note: in January 2020, Twitter analytics discontinued the “Audience Insights”, which allowed users to see information about their followers, such as demographics, interests, and behavior.


Even though there is no way to see exactly who visited your profile, Twitter Analytics offers you deep insight into your audience and activity. You can use this tool to find out what content performs best and build a strategy for growing your followers and engagement. Make the best use of the tools Twitter provides (such as TweetDeck) to transform your profile into a successful brand!