why youtube email notifications not working

Why Are YouTube Email Notifications Not Working?

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We've all had it happen, you find a cool new YouTube channel and for some reason, you aren't getting notifications when new videos are posted. Or maybe you stop getting notifications from a YouTube channel you've been subscribed to for a long time.

YouTube notifications are a handy feature that can keep you up to date on all the new uploads from your favorite content creators, whether you use the YouTube app or desktop notifications.

Hopefully, this article has helped with all your notification issues and made it easy to set up your personalized notifications so you can stay informed in the best way that works for you.

The next time you hit the subscribe button, make sure to set those channel settings to be informed of new uploads.

So what are you waiting for? Change those video notification settings so you can watch videos, live streams and premieres, and all your favorite content the moment they go live!