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Will Onlyfans Affect Future Employment?

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Onlyfans is an attractive "Work at Home" gig for college students and people in entry-level positions who are trying to supplement their income. That being said, many young people have valid concerns that their current side work may affect their future employment.

This post will cover those concerns and give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Is Onlyfans a 1099 Job?

Onlyfans is a 1099 job, meaning that US citizens will receive a 1099 from the company for tax season. The term “Onlyfans” does not appear on the 1099 and future employers rarely – if ever – ask for tax information. Even if they do, you don’t have to share it with them and the IRS will only surrender that information if they are subpoenaed for a good reason.

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When Onlyfans Work May Affect Future Employment

Employers will rarely find out that you had an Onlyfans account unless you tell them. Even those that do will generally not care. That being said, there are a few instances where employment can become impossible:

  1. Conservative/Religious Organizations

    Many conservative or religious organizations will ask you to sign a morality clause stating that you haven’t engaged in/will not engage in “immoral” activities that may include your Onlyfans gig.

  2. Public Work

    If you plan to teach or work with children in the future, you may have issues finding employment if your Onlyfans is found out and connected to your person.

  3. Professional Work Involving Working With Multiple Brands

    If you plan to go into marketing or work that would require you to work with multiple other brands, you may have issues making deals with some companies if they can link you to past Onlyfans work. On the other hand, in some cases, it may work in your favor.

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How to Deal With Future Employers

When interviewing for future employment, it is generally a good idea to not bring up your Onlyfans work. While many future bosses may not care from a business standpoint, you don’t know which of them may gossip with those who will become your co-workers and where they will stand on the matter. Keep things professionally-minded to give yourself the best chance of avoiding negative experiences in the workplace.

If your Onlyfans experience does come up for some reason, be direct and honest about it. Assure your boss that it will not affect your ability to work and that any side work will not be done on company time or using company equipment. Hold up to your word and make sure to keep both jobs separate.

Some people have experienced harassment from coworkers due to Onlyfans work and employers don’t always side with the person being harassed. If you experience this, talk to your co-workers calmly and explain that you don’t want your past work to affect your current experience. If they don’t change, go to HR and try to work through things calmly with them.

While you will generally not be refused future employment due to Onlyfans work, there are a few instances in which you should be cautious. If you are worried about how you may be affected, consider not showing your face on the platform and go the extra mile to keep your account secure and private by creating unique social accounts specifically for your Onlyfans work.