How to See an Instagram Story

How to See an Instagram Story

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Wondering how to view stories on Instagram? Vanishing posts like the one on Instagram stories have become so popular that it's arguably one of the most used features on the platform. Content on IG stories may vary from Q&A forums to just sharing a random post you made for the day. Instagram stories are brimming with interesting content that will keep you entertained for as long as there are posts you can view.

Instagram stories are perfect for sharing captured moments that are maybe a little too random or spontaneous. These can be anything, including little scenes from our daily lives that offer a rare glimpse of who we are as a person. It can also be an out-of-the-blue question or trivia for our followers. Or maybe just a random shot we’ve taken.

Perhaps the reason we enjoy viewing them so much is that they seem to be more genuine. They let us see another side of a person: their regular posts don’t do them justice. Moreover, they are unique, creative, and entertaining.

I hope this article made it easy for you to find stories to view on Instagram. Thanks for reading!