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Instagram Hashtag Generators

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Hashtags are one of the cornerstones of Instagram, as they are the mechanism behind viral posts and engagement growth. Using the right hashtags can put your profile in front of your target audience, even if they haven't connected with you before. However, making the best use of hashtags is no easy task, since it involves deep data analysis you can't perform from your phone. Luckily, there are many Hashtag Generator tools out there to make all the heavy lifting for you! Tag along to learn about the best Hashtag Generators.

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Best Instagram Hashtag Generators of 2021

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    1. Display Purposes

    Display Purposes offers, among a few tools, a very intuitive and resourceful hashtag generator. To use the generator, simply enter the hashtags that best relate to your next post and watch as it provides you with the best options. To remove irrelevant hashtags, click the Manual option on the Selection menu. After you’re done, click the Copy Mode button, which will prompt your hashtags ready for copying and pasting on your Instagram post.


    • Completely free tool
    • Filters out banned hashtags automatically
    • No account needed
    • Sorts hashtag by Relevance and Popularity


    • No image-based search provided
    • No way to store your hashtag selections

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    2. IQ Hashtags

    Although you need to create an account to use IQ Hashtags, some pretty interesting tools are available for free on the platform, including a very practical Hashtag Generator. To use it, simply type one word at a time on the search bar and see all related Instagram hashtags, along with its average performance. Pick the hashtags you want and click the # icon to copy them or save them to your collection for future use.


    • Provides profile analysis
    • Shows comment and like performance for each hashtag
    • Allows saving hashtag collections


    • Advanced tools available only for Premium users
    • No image-based search available
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    3. Photerloo

    The Photerloo Hashtag Generator is a tool that uses image recognition to turn your pictures into hashtags! You don’t need an account to use it, and all you need to do is drag or upload a picture to the website. The tool will scan your image and generate hashtags based on what’s depicted on them. The best part is that you can choose how popular you want your results to be, which reflects on how many people might see your post based on the hashtag popularity. Tip: try going for low and medium popularity hashtags, as they are not as saturated as the most popular ones.


    • Free, quick and easy to use
    • Great for photographers using multiple platforms
    • Allows choosing number of hashtags generated


    • No keyword-based search available
    • Complex pictures might not be properly recognized by the AI
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    4. Ingramer

    Ingramer provides a few Instagram managing tools, such as automated posting, replying and promoting. Additionally, its Hashtag Generator finds the best hashtags for your post using keyword or image search. Simply type in the keywords that best relate to your post or upload a picture and wait as the software does its magic! Results are shown according to popularity, so you can pick and choose the best combination of frequent and rare hashtags for your post.


    • Provides search by photo, keywords and URLs
    • Displays the currently most popular Instagram hashtags
    • Allow multi-keyword searching


    • Full results are only available to paid subscribers
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    5. Flick

    If you’re ready to take your Instagram game to the next level, Flick might be your best advanced choice. Although there are no free tools on this website, it allows you to go on a 7-day trial that includes all of its features: the Hashtag Generator, deep profile analytics, Hashtag performance and even social media marketing tutorials and training videos.


    • Fairly cheap subscription (£7 for one profile)
    • Advanced tools available


    • Only paid subscriptions
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What to Look for in a Hashtag Generator

There are many Hashtag Generators out there and, ultimately, you should stick with the one that works best for you. However, there are a few things you should prioritize when choosing your tool:

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    AI-based searching mechanisms

    Post history and performance analysis allow modern software to learn how hashtags have been performing on Instagram — and this is what makes or breaks a Hashtag Generator. You should look for a tool that provides you with the best performing hashtags for your niche, so steer clear of websites that just generate random words with no criteria whatsoever!

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    Banned hashtags removal

    Banned hashtags can dunk your whole effort of conceiving the perfect picture, caption and hashtags. Most banned hashtags (see the last section for more information) are random words unknown to most people, in a way that you could be using them without even realizing. A good Hashtag Generator should automatically filter out banned hashtags, avoiding the risk of shadowbanning your account.

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    The possibility of creating hashtag collections is not the most valuable one in a Hashtag Generator, but it sure makes your life easier when dealing with a continuous flow of posts. If your favorite generator does not provide a “save” option for the hashtags, you can still create a spreadsheet on your computer to file your best hashtags by category and performance. Tip: don’t use the same set of hashtags on every post, as Instagram might flag it as spam.

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3 Best Hashtag Strategies

  1. 1. Keep it clean

    Post your hashtags on your post’s comments instead of its caption. The algorithm will read it just the same, but your caption will be much clearer and nice to read. To make it even cleaner, start your hashtag comment with five vertical dots (“.”), as they will force the comment to collapse, hiding the hashtags.

  2. 2. Go scouting

    Take some time to analyze your best performing posts and find which hashtags brought in more audience (IQ Hashtags offers this functionality for free). Similarly, go check the profile of your best-performing competitors and inspiration accounts, as well as similar accounts in your niche. Find out what hashtags they are using on their best posts and try to fit them into your routine!

  3. 3. Mix and match

    Hashtag popularity is just as important as its content. Therefore, you should pick the best combination of hashtags for your post, based on its overall usage (check this website to discover hashtag popularity and relevance). Hashtags that are rarely used (less than 2k posts) won’t bring you traffic at all because no one is looking at them. Meanwhile, too populated hashtags (over 1m posts) won’t bring you views because your post will be drowned under the volume of posts. The sweet spot is between 10k to 200k posts, but you should use a mix of around 5 very popular hashtags (over 500k), 8 average ones (between 100 and 500k posts) and 15 rare ones (from 10k to 100k).

Bonus tip: Use Hashtags on your Stories! You’re allowed up to 10 hashtags on each Story for a chance of featuring in that hashtags homepage. Luckily, most profiles do not use this strategy, so take advantage of it! You can hide your hashtags under stickers of GIFs, but remember to keep the font size readable, or else Instagram won’t recognize it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    How Many Hashtags Should You Use on Instagram?

    Instagram sets a limit of 30 hashtags per post and 10 hashtags per story — but that doesn’t mean you should necessarily use all hashtags you can. Instead, focus on using relevant hashtags. Try using tags that your target audience might search for and that are more specific to your niche. Anywhere between 6 to 30 hashtags is a good place to start, as long as those hashtags actually translate what your profile is about!

    Tip: by any means use hashtags that are completely unrelated to your post as a way of tricking people into seeing your posts, as it can backfire. People can report you for it and your profile can be flagged for spam and even get shadowbanned!

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    What are the Most Popular Instagram Hashtags?

    The currently most popular Instagram Hashtags off all time are #love #fashion #photooftheday #art #photography #cute #tbt and #travel. Does that mean you should use them in your posts? No! Too popular hashtags mean everyone is using them, which drastically reduces the chance your post will be featured for that hashtag! You can include a few of them in your posts, but always give priority to hashtags your target audience might actually be searching for.

    Tip: avoid using gimmicky hashtags like #follow4follow or #likeforlike, as they won’t attract an engaged audience and will possibly get you banned from IG.

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    What is the Best Hashtag to Use on My Insta Post?

    Sadly, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best hashtag will be unique to each one of your posts. The best place to start is to choose your favorite hashtag generator and find hashtags that have between 10k and 200k posts. Amongst those, pick the ones that are the most specific to your niche but still relate to your post — those should be the best hashtags to use on your Instagram post!

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    What are Banned Hashtags on Instagram?

    Banned hashtags are hashtags that have been reported to Instagram by many users in the past. When you use a banned hashtag in your post, you’ll be flagged for spam and your post will reach a smaller number of users, hurting your account engagement. If you’re persistently using banned hashtags, your whole account can be flagged as spam or even banned from the platform.

    Surprisingly, not only “dirty” hashtags are banned, and the list includes seemingly normal words, like #happythanksgiving or #coffee. Some words are permanently banned, and some are under temporary suspension. To check for a hashtag status, simply type it down on the search bar. If you reach a message saying “recent posts from this hashtag are currently hidden”, it means it’s banned and you should avoid using it! Here is a list of all currently banned hashtags.