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How Long Can Instagram Videos Be?

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If you are like me, you just caught your dog doing something so ridiculously cute you must share it with your followers! Instagram has many places where you can share your videos. It’s important to know how long each video can be:

Here is a quick run down, although I will explain each down below: 

Now that you have a brief idea, let’s explore the different strategies you might use in each type:

  1. Instagram Post Video Length

    Instagram Posts are shown in your feed. They can be 03 seconds to 1 minute. Using the “Carousel” feature which allows you to select multiple photos and videos. It makes a slideshow for your followers. If you want, you can select multiple 1 minute videos and attach them together.   These don’t always guarantee good views though as followers might not swipe through all your slides and instead much of your content can be missed. 

  2. Instagram Story Video Length

    Instagram stories are short clips, only 3-15 seconds long that have a unique feature, a 24 hr time limit. Followers can view them multiple times before they expire, however. You can actually record for longer than 15 seconds, Instagram will automatically cut your video into 15-second segments and they all can be uploaded at one time.

    The perk of using this feature is the ability to share more with your followers without upsetting your main posts. You are also able to add captions to your Instagram video stories as well which enables more followers to watch your videos. 

  3. Instagram IGTV Video Length

    Instagram IGTV which stands for Instagram TV is 60 seconds to 30 minutes. However, verified accounts can post up to 60 min lengths. IGTV is a different avenue than just sharing a video though, most commonly it can be used to share a series as you would see on TV. With this specific avenue, it is best to pick a topic and then record videos for that specifically. Examples can be makeup tutorials, product overviews, unboxings, or even recipes. 

  4. Instagram Livestream Video Length

    Instagram Livestreams are the longest form of video that you can post. These can be up to 60 minutes in length. This is a great option for sharing longer personal stories, answering questions from your followers, or just chatting for a bit. These videos are also live so they come across as more genuine and you really can connect with your audience.

    Anyone who starts watching your live video can also chat with you, providing very close interaction with your followers. These can be saved by your followers and re-watched later, although you can also choose to disable this feature. 

  5. Instagram Reel Video Length

    Instagram Reels are the newest video feature, these can be 15-30 seconds long. This is basically TikTok. In order to make the most out of this feature, be unique in your content. Because you only have a short time to capture someone, your content must be fresh and stand out. Funny and cute videos go over very well on this feature. 

    The cool thing about Instagram videos is you are able to cross-promote yourself. You can post in your stories that you have a cute video on your page, you can draw followers to your IGTV series by posting in reels, etc. Instagram videos are such a fun way to share with your followers little action snippets of your life.