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What Does “Until Tomorrow” Mean on Instagram?

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2020 has been a difficult year for most. Between quarantine, job losses, COVID-19, and literally everything changing around us, it’s hard to not go a bit crazy and keep a good perspective. “Until Tomorrow” is a very simple but fun challenge on Instagram to help spread the laughter in such a difficult time.

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What Does “Until Tomorrow” Mean on Instagram?

“Until Tomorrow” is a challenge where you post a funny or embarrassing photo of yourself with only the caption “Until Tomorrow.” This photo needs to be something that you would normally never post. This photo has to remain on your Instagram for 24 hours, and then you must delete it. Meanwhile, anyone who likes your post, you must send a DM to and let them know they now must post an embarrassing photo of themselves for 24 hours with the caption “Until Tomorrow” and so on and so forth to keep the chain going. 

Technically according to the rules, you are supposed to wait until you are nominated to post your own “Until Tomorrow” photo. However, there have been many who have started their own “Until Tomorrow” posts without being nominated and it is now trending very quickly on Instagram. 

Nobody knows for sure when and where the “Until Tomorrow” trend began, whether it be Tik Tok, Twitter, or Instagram. Regardless, the trend has spread rapidly through all three platforms. Though many love looking at and/or being part of the “Until Tomorrow” craze, there are many who very much dislike it creating their own funny comments or memes against the trend. Either way, enjoying the “Until Tomorrow” trend or joining in the movement against it has led to a distraction from 2020’s hardships.

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Until Tomorrow Instagram Examples

“Until Tomorrow” photos can be anything that’s unflattering, embarrassing, cringeworthy, unpolished, or silly. The main thing to keep in mind is the photo needs to be something you would never want to post on a normal day. You can dig through your childhood photos or look through the photos you were going to discard off your phone because they were just that bad or embarrassing. Refrain from posting something that still looks pretty good – this photo needs to be truly embarrassing for your followers to see. 


“Until Tomorrow” is a trend meant to provide some fun and laughter in the midst of a very difficult year. It’s a chain of sorts that keeps going and is popular on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. Have some fun while searching through your embarrassing photos to post and own it. It may just brighten someone’s day.