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How to Unfollow on Instagram

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Unfollowing someone on Instagram is a fairly simple process. Once you have unfollowed someone, you will not see any of their content on your feed anymore. If it is a public account, you will be able to see all their posts/stories and content if you choose to go to their profile. It is important to understand that unfollowing is not the same as blocking a profile.

When you unfollow a public account, you can still like and comment on their posts as well as view their stories.

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How to Unfollow On Instagram (Mobile)

Unfollowing is very simple. It has four easy steps: 

  1. Step 1

    Visit the profile of the person or brand you wish to unfollow.

  2. Step 2

    Click the “following” dropdown. 

  3. Step 3

    Choose to unfollow on the bottom.

  4. Step 4

    The screen will default back to letting you follow again if you change your mind. 

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How to Unfollow On Instagram (Desktop)

This is how you can unfollow someone on Instagram from your desktop:

  1. Step 1

    Visit the profile that you no longer wish to follow and click on the small box with the person and check mark inside.

  2. Step 2

    The box will show up that asks you if you want to unfollow, click the red word unfollow.

  3. Step 3

    The screen will default back and this will let you follow again if you choose.

Unfollowing Private Accounts

Unfollowing private accounts is the same process. However, you will get a message when you go to unfollow them that says “If you change your mind, you’ll have to request to follow again.”  

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What Happens If I Unfollow An Account?

If you choose to unfollow a public account on Instagram, they will not receive a notification that you have done this.  If you choose to follow again, they will receive a notification that you have followed them. 

If you unfollow a private account, they will not receive a notification that you have done this, however, you must request access to follow again if you choose to at a later time. 

By following an account again, public or private, depending on how closely they keep tabs on who follows them,  they may be able to piece together that you have unfollowed them in the past.

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How Many Accounts Can I Follow and Unfollow?

Instagram does have some rules in place. These help prevent fake/spam accounts but it is important to keep in mind or you might find yourself in Instagram jail.

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    Newer Accounts

    You can unfollow up to 200 accounts a day if you are a newer account (under 1 year).

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    Older Accounts

    You can unfollow up to 700 accounts a day if you have had an account for over 1 year.

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    Those Who Follow You

    You can unfollow up to 700 accounts a day if you have had an account for over 1 year.

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    Accounts You Follow

    You can only follow up to 7,500 accounts.

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    Hourly Rates

    You can only do 60 actions of following or unfollowing per hour.

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    If you are blocked for too many following or unfollowing actions, this ban can last 24-48 hours.

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Reasons to Unfollow an Account on Insta

There are many reasons you might choose to no longer follow an account on Instagram:

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    Their content no longer appeals to you

    As time goes on, our tastes and ideas change. You are building your influence, and that might look different than it used to. You may choose to unfollow an account simply because you are no longer interested in their content. 

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    Your feed is cluttered with too many accounts and you don’t get to see the content you want to see

    Instagram has an algorithm that displays accounts in your feed, if you are following a large volume of accounts that don’t interest you, this may block out the accounts that you want to see and engage with.

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    You disagree with their content or find it upsetting

    You might find yourself in a position, where your favorite account has become too political or posts something that you cannot stand behind. Oftentimes your followers will also look at who you are following.  Weeding out accounts that you cannot support will help your followers understand your beliefs better.

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    Unfollowing accounts that don’t follow you back

    If you are looking to build your profile, following accounts that don’t follow you back can sometimes mean that you are wasting your time and effort engaging them. When you are putting more time and effort into something that doesn’t bring you any results, it is time for a change. Unfollowing an account that doesn’t follow back lets you engage with profiles that engage back.

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    Lack of Engagement

    Unfollowing accounts that don’t actively engage in their followers can free up your feed for those that do. Instagram is all about engaging with other people and profiles. 

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    Fake or Spam Accounts

    There are many accounts that are fake/spam profiles. The reasons behind why are for another article. Unfollowing fake/spam accounts allow you to get rid of accounts that will not help you grow your influence since they do not engage your content and can cause people to unfollow you. 

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    You are following too many accounts

    There is a limit to how many people you can follow(7,500). Because of this, you should select who you follow carefully. 

It can be important to go through your following list and sort through it on a regular basis. Choose accounts that identify or support your goal and desires for your page. Eliminate accounts that oppose your brand and image. By unfollowing accounts, you can grow and increase your following, engage with more accounts and enjoy your profile on Instagram.