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How to Delete Drafts on TikTok

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Have you ever posted TikTok drafts that you wish to delete? Making a good video isn't easy! There are several cuts made to produce a final cut for a perfect TikTok video. Drafts are videos that have been saved but not yet published on the TikTok app, whether or not they've been edited.

When you save a TikTok draft, the clip is immediately uploaded to TikTok’s server. If you took the video from within the TikTok app, it wouldn’t be included by default in your camera roll or device’s gallery.

Deleting drafts on the TikTok app may be challenging because the delete button is visible. If you just created one draft, you can just delete it from your TikTok profile. Otherwise, there will be a distracting “Drafts” update in your post.

However, if you have multiple draft videos, you should reconsider deleting them. So, if ever you are wondering how to delete drafts on TikTok, This article will discuss it and address other frequently asked questions.

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How to Delete Your TikTok Drafts

If you keep shooting videos without posting them, you will accrue several saved videos and multiple drafts if you don’t delete them.

Fortunately, deleting TikTok drafts is an easy task. Follow these steps below if you want to delete your drafts.

  1. Step 1

    Profile Button

    To start deleting your TikTok account drafts, open your TikTok account and go to your profile at the bottom panel.

  2. Step 2

    Profile Button

    Then, after that, tap your drafts folder on the screen to see the list of your saved drafts.

  3. Step 3

    Delete draft

    On the top right corner, simply select the draft videos you want to delete, then do a Long Press.

  4. Step 4

    Delete button

    As you can see on your TikTok screen, a “Delete Draft” button appears. Tapping on it allows you to delete drafts on TikTok.

    Your drafts on TikTok will be deleted when you tap it.

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How to Edit TikTok Drafts

You can film, save, and edit TikTok drafts, and they’re all quite simple. Knowing how to make the most of your directly save drafts might help you manage your TikTok features more easily.

TikTok’s drafts feature allows creators to edit and preview their videos in a simple manner, allowing them to work on their videos at any time before they decide to post them.

You can edit them any time once you’ve saved your draft. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Step 1

    Tap on the ‘Drafts’ folder on your profile page.

  2. Step 2

    Tap the profile icon in the lower right corner of the app.

  3. Step 3

    All saved drafts will appear on the list.

  4. Step 4

    Tap the “Drafts” button, tap “Select” on the top right corner.

  5. Step 5

    Editing Draft Video

    Choose the draft video you wish to edit from the drop-down menu, and then press Next.

  6. Step 6

    This is where you may start editing new clips, music, effects, voiceovers, and more to create the perfect video. After you’re satisfied with it, hit next once again.

  7. Step 7

    You may edit privacy settings, hashtags, and the video’s cover image on the main screen.

  8. Step 8

    Select the ‘Save as a draft’ option and select the ‘Drafts’ button to save it as a TikTok draft. To publish it to your profile, choose the ‘Post’ option. You can also save them automatically on your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Recover a Deleted TikTok Draft?

Note that there’s no way to retrieve deleted drafts, as they will be permanently deleted from your TikTok profile page once you’ve deleted them. However, your draft is saved in TikTok’s storage system.

Certain third-party apps claim this is possible. It is, however, such apps are not recommended to use. You can’t retrieve them from the app’s user interface, and it might be tricky and challenging to utilize some apps.

Can Other Users See Your TikTok Drafts?

No, your TikTok save drafts will not be visible to the public and become your private video. You’ll get a notice on the editing page that reads, “Only you can see your drafts.”

You may access this page by selecting the “Me” tab and tapping on your drafts. This will confirm that your drafts will not be visible to others.

You may only see your own saved drafts on TikTok. If someone visits your profile, the “Drafts” section will be hidden from them.

Hence, you won’t have to worry about your TikTok drafts being leaked.

Will Your Drafts Delete if TikTok is Deleted?

Drafts will be available on your TikTok account for as long as you like. However, if you uninstall the TikTok app from your device, all of your saved drafts will be lost.

The easiest approach to avoid losing them is to save them locally on your phone to ensure that you have a backup.

As you can see, once you save drafts to your phone’s local storage, they remain on your phone until you manually delete them.

If you want to make some changes and store content without committing to posting, drafts may be a great way. They may even be amusing when you come across a draft that you had completely forgotten to publish. If you create a lot of TikTok videos, you’ll probably have some saved as drafts.

You may have an overabundance of saving drafts at times, which can become cluttered unless you manage them. To keep them organized, go through your drafts and delete the ones you don’t like. The easiest approach to do so is to select them for deletion manually. However, deleting TikTok drafts is irreversible. This means you won’t be able to retrieve it if you accidentally deleted a draft.

If you want to delete your drafts, be sure to save them on your phone’s local storage first. I hope this article has been helpful.