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How to Pick a Twitter Name

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One of the most important aspects of a successful Twitter account is your Twitter handle. If your name is too obscure, offensive, or hard to remember, the likelihood of viewers finding or following your account becomes limited.

In this article, I will go over what makes a good Twitter name, as well as, some tips to help you come up with and/or inspire a good Twitter name.

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What Makes a Good Twitter Name?

A good Twitter name is clean and simple, yet memorable. If you are not using your real name within your handle, you will want to come up with an alternative that appeals to your ideal audience.

Further in this article, I will go over some tips on how to come up with a good twitter handle, but first, let’s look at the limitations.

Twitter Name Requirements

  1. Length

    Your Twitter username cannot be any longer than 15 characters long. Your field name can be between 4 and 50 characters.

  2. Characters

    Usernames can only have alphanumeric characters, and underscores. Any symbols, as well as dashes and spaces will not work.

  3. Taken

    You can not use a username if someone else already has it. Along with this, if the username you desire used to be part of an account that has since been deactivated or suspended, it may not be available again for a while.

  4. Admin

    Usernames cannot have the words ‘Twitter’ or ‘Admin’ within them.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Twitter Name

Here are six tips to keep in mind when coming up with your Twitter name:

  1. Keep It Short and Simple

    Keeping your name short and simple will help people remember you and help them find you.

  2. Make Sure It’s Memorable

    Similar to the one above, try making your username memorable. Whether it be your name or something that relates to your niche. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to be able to find you and remember you.

  3. Keep It Consistent

    If you are using a username on other platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, keep it consistent and use the same username for Twitter if you can. This will help your followers find you more easily when crossing over from other platforms.

  4. Make It Creative

    If the name you were going for is already taken, try using underscores either before or after or even in-between if it fits nicely. Another way to work around this is to use a middle initial, a significant year, a location, etc. to make your username unique.

  5. Use Your Display Name

    If you can’t find a creative way to use your real name in your username, you can always put your real name within your display name. Your display name allows up to 50 characters which provides space for your name, job title and/or certificates, something to describe your niche, etc.

    Note: Your display name is a great location to put in some keywords. For example, if your niche is gardening, you could include something like ‘Gardening Tips’ or ‘Gardening 101’ within your display name to help make your account more findable when someone searches for gardening.

  6. Use Name Generators

    If all else fails, try using a name generator. SpinXO and GeneratorMix are just two really good name generators that can help you come up with a creative username.

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Twitter Name Generators

If you are struggling with coming up with a good username for your Twitter account, name generators are a fantastic resource to help you find a username you like and/or inspire you to come up with a username.

Here are 6 excellent username generators to help you come up with your Twitter handle:

  1. SpinXO

    SpinXO is one of the best free username generators available. You simply place as many or little keywords in the spaces available and hit ‘spin.’ If you don’t like any of the 30 names generated, you can always hit ‘spin’ again for more or type in new keywords to see what else they come up with.

  2. GeneratorMix

    GeneratorMix has multiple categories of names and more to generate including Twitter. Simply put in your name or desired keyword, indicate if you would like to use numbers and/or underscores and click ‘generate.’ If you don’t like the options listed, keep clicking ‘generate’ for more.

  3. NordPass

    NordPass is another great tool to come up with usernames for Twitter. You put your name or keyword in the space and hit ‘generate.’ you can choose your desired username length, category, or any advanced options such as random characters, leetspeak, or keeping your keyword at the end of your username.

    Note: Remember Twitter does not allow symbols in their usernames other than underscores so using random characters or leetspeak is not recommended except for the purpose of inspiration.

  4. Twitter Name Generator

    Twitter Name Generator is very easy to use. Fill out as many or little categories provided to you as you like and hit “generate’ when finished. Reclicking ‘generate’ doesn’t change the choices available to you, but the more categories you fill in, the longer the list of names becomes.

  5. Fun Generators

    Fun Generators generates names for all kinds of categories including Twitter. It only takes one keyword, but it provides pages of optional, fun names to scroll through, choose, and/or spark ideas.

  6. Fantasy Name Generator

    Being a bit of a geek at heart, Fantasy Name Generator is one of my personal favorites. It has TONS of categories and subcategories from fantasy and real names to pop culture names and more.

    Simply pick a main category, scroll through and choose a sub category and click on it. If you don’t like the choices available, click the generate button. In the above example, the generate button is ‘Get creatures.’

Having a strong, solid, unique, and memorable Twitter handle is essential to help bring in a good following. Thankfully, there are many resources available that can help inspire a username that fits with your niche and appeals to your audience.