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Where to Buy Twitter Followers

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Growing organically on any social platform can be difficult. Even if you put a lot of effort into each of your posts, they just may not be seen by anyone for a while. Those who do see them may check out your account and choose to not follow you due to your low stats.

With so much struggle, it is understandable that many Twitter users decide to look for alternative ways to grow, and buying followers is, by far, the easiest way to pad your numbers. That being said, is it the best thing for your account?

This post will cover the pros and cons of purchasing fake followers as well as give you information about the safest places where you can buy followers online.

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Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

Before sending you off to purchase your new fake friends, we should address whether or not you should buy them in the first place. While purchasing fake followers is legal in that you won’t be serving prison time over the transgression, it is against Twitter’s Terms of Service and you could face totally losing your account if you are caught.

Personally, I don’t recommend buying followers. While it does take time to grow organically, when you do get your following, your stats will be more meaningful to you. You’ll be able to more accurately tell if your posts have reached a good percentage of your audience, and brands will have a hard time finding ways to discredit you.

There are several ways you can increase your growth naturally and this site offers several tutorials on how to do so. That being said, read on to discover the general pros and cons of purchasing fake Twitter followers.

Benefits of Purchasing Fake Followers

While purchasing Twitter followers is considered a “black hat” method for growth, many companies and influencers dabble in it due to several benefits. These benefits include the following:

  1. Your Brand Looks Legit

    Even if you are a true expert in your niche, people are more likely to take your Twitter account seriously if you have a following. The average Twitter user will assume that other users know what they are doing when finding experts online. Unfortunately, this may make organic growth difficult until you have a few hundred followers. Purchasing these followers is a lot easier and will help convince other users that you actually know what you are talking about.

  2. It Is Easier than Organic Growth

    Let’s face it, growing a Twitter account is never easy. Purchasing fake followers doesn’t require you to work as hard to generate organic growth, allowing you to skip several steps on your way to success. Again, you need to remember that these fake accounts will not engage with you or your brand and you won’t be able to generate more from them. You will still have to work to get real followers.

Detriments of Purchasing Fake Followers

In addition to the above benefits of fake followers, there are also several detriments that you should consider. It is often better to avoid the practice altogether and grow your audience naturally and organically.

  1. Scam Sites

    Many of the sites that sell fake followers are actually scams who will either not deliver on their promise or sell your information nefariously. If you choose to go with paid followers regardless of the other detriments, find those that don’t require your password and who have good reviews from other users (not on their sites).

  2. Ruined Reputation

    If someone can prove that you have paid for your followers, it could hurt the reputation of your brand. While rare, there has been instances in the past where someone has been called out for it. Many brand managers will also scrutinize the influencers they wish to work with to see how many followers include fake accounts.

  3. Not Real Followers

    As stated above, purchasing followers won’t do much to help your brand over time. You won’t be able to accurately gauge your own analytics and it may cause your other metrics to look skewed. In fact, many marketers (and other influencers) can quickly gauge the likelihood of whether or not an account has purchased followers in the past.

In the end, buying followers is likely to be more detrimental than it is beneficial.

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3 Platforms to Help You Grow Organically

If you have money to spend, you may want to avoid purchasing followers and instead invest in a growth service that can help you organically grow over time. While these may cost a little more upfront, you will get a more quality payoff in the future.

Here are three platforms that can help you grow organically:

  1. Hootsuite

    Hootsuite teaches influencers to track their metrics and learn from experience how to grow. They also show you specific areas you can work on. Their team will work with you to help you find new ways to find followers and an account will give you an analysis of your activity to help you figure out your next steps.

  2. Tweeteev

    Tweeteev is a Twitter growth service that utilizes management teams to help you create strong campaigns that will allow you to grow your Twitter following. They use the right tools and research to help you find your target audience. Many people will start to see results in a matter of hours.

  3. Jarvee

    Jarvee has created a platform that gives Influencers several tools that will allow you to grow your account without buying followers. From scheduling tools to the ability to retweet messages sent by your target audiences, there are several options you can utilize to grow in your niche.

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5 Safe Places to Buy Twitter Followers

If we haven’t convinced you to avoid buying Twitter followers, here are five relatively safe places where you can purchase them:

  1. Fiverr

    You can purchase Twitter Followers on Fiverr, an online marketplace where people can buy and sell digital products and services. Simply search for the service you need, then go through the portfolios and reviews of people who offer the service. The good news is that Fiverr’s customer service will often help you settle disputes if you don’t get what you’ve paid for.

  2. Viralyft

    Through Viralyft, you can buy followers from real Twitter followers. You can choose the number of followers you want to buy and they will be delivered over a 3-day period of time. Their packages range from 100 to 1,000 followers and you don’t have to give the company your password in order to use the service. Followers are collected from around the world and some may engage with your content over time. The company also offers 24/7 support in case you have a question or concern about the service.

  3. Social Packages

    Social Packages allows you to purchase between 100 and 2,500 Twitter followers at a time. The followers, gathered globally, are added to your account between 2-6 days. You do not need to provide a password and the platform comes with a refill guarantee.

  4. Trollishly

    With Trollishly, you will get instant delivery of the number of Twitter followers you choose to buy. These will be real accounts of people who live around the world. The platform offers packages between 100 to 5,000 completely legit followers that come with a lifetime guarantee.

  5. Social Viral

    Social Viral allows you to purchase anywhere between 50 to 3,000 followers. Of Twitter follower sellers, Social Viral is a well-trusted platform and has been used by several Twitter accounts to start or grow their following.

How To Tell That A Follower is Fake

While there isn’t a perfect method of identifying fake Twitter followers, there are a few key things that people searching for them will look out for. These include the following:

  1. No Engagement

    These accounts will never engage with other accounts, either by liking or by retweeting content.

  2. Lack of Bio

    Most real accounts will put something in their personal bio. While there are some people who simply don’t want anything there, most accounts without one are assumed to be fake.

  3. Generic Comments

    Some Twitter bot companies will sell interactions as well as follows. In those instances, these bots will comment similar (or identical) messages on multiple posts. These comments are generic and don’t offer anything of value to the conversation.

  4. Twitter Handle

    Many Twitter Handles for fake accounts will look off, containing nothing but random letters or numbers. They often don’t resemble the name associated with the account either.

  5. Follower Counts

    Fake follower accounts will typically have lopsided analytics. They will have a low follower count themselves but will follow hundreds or thousands of other users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is it Illegal to Buy Twitter Followers?

    While it isn’t illegal to buy Twitter followers in that you can be arrested or fined for it, it is against Twitter’s Terms of Service and you could potentially be banned from the platform. That being said, Twitter rarely deletes accounts for follower bots because it is hard to prove that they use is the one that purchased them. If they banned any account that had fake followers, people would spam their enemy’s accounts to get them removed.

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    Can Brands Tell if You’ve Bought Twitter Follower?

    Many brand managers know how to identify fake followers and some will look through your account to identify how many of your fans are organic and real and how many are fake. At that point, they may still choose to work with you, but may only offer a price relative to your actual following.